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The music changes, becomes softer and more carousel-like as, together, they pick up the boxes and papers. They begin to pack up the house (Roll up the Ribbons). The music continues as they go to their dressing tables and apply old-age makeup, wigs and whiten their hair. It’s eight a.m., and the much older Michael and Agnes are moving to a smaller apartment. They are gathering the last bits and pieces to take along with the movers. He pulls out a steamer trunk and finds the God Is Love pillow. Agnes wants to leave the pillow for the newlyweds who have bought the house, but Michael refuses. He was mortified to find it on their wedding night and won’t have another young groom traumatized. Agnes sends Michael to look for a bottle of champagne and sneaks the pillow back under the covers. Michael returns with the champagne, but they determine that they won’t drink it, since it’s too early. They look at each other across the bed and remember what a good life they’ve had (This House – Finale). They take a last look around and leave the room together. Michael comes back in for the champagne and finds the God Is Love pillow under the covers. He puts it on Agnes’ side of the bed and the champagne on his side before exiting. The curtain falls on the home. CAST: 1 Male, 1 (Michael) Female. (Agnes) MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act I 1. All the Dearly Beloved - Michael and Agnes 2. Together Forever - Michael and Agnes 3. I Do! I Do! - Michael and Agnes 4. Good Night - Michael and Agnes 5. I Love My Wife - Michael 6. Something Has Happened - Agnes 7. My Cup Runneth Over - Michael and Agnes 8. Love Isn’t Everything - Michael and Agnes 9. Nobody’s Perfect - Michael and Agnes 10. A Well Known Fact - Michael 11. Flaming Agnes - Agnes 12. The Honeymoon Is Over - Michael and Agnes Act II 13. Where Are the Snows - Michael and Agnes 14. When the Kids Get Married - Michael and Agnes 15. The Father of the Bride - Michael 16. What Is a Woman - Agnes 17. Someone Needs Me - Michael and Agnes 18. Roll up the Ribbons - Michael and Agnes 19. This House - Michael and Agnes INSTRUMENTATION Reed I (piccolo/flute/clarinet) Reed II (flute/clarinet/bass clarinet), Reed III (oboe/cor anglais/clarinet), Reed IV (clarinet/bassoon), 2 horns, 2 trumpets, trombone, 2 percussion, harp, 2 pianos db celeste, 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, double bass DISCOGRAPHY I Do! I Do! (1966 Original Broadway Cast) Cast Recording Edition by Harvey Schmidt (1993)