Shows "I"

CAST - in order of speaking): • Friend • Mathew Prescott • Kate Prescott • James Prescott • Colonel • Major • Father Frank Girella • Peter Vonn • Nathan Gelb • Vijay Bannerjee • Phyllis Terwilliger • Paul Cooper • Don Cesare • Archbishop Parisi • Signor Bocciarelli: SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place at the present time during late summer in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and in Turin, Italy. Act 1 Scene 1: James Prescott's office and the Prescott home. Scene 2: The lab at Los Alamos. Scene 3: The Prescott home. late at night. Scene 4: The next morning. Scene 5: Turin, Italy. The Council Chambers of Il Centro di Sindonologia. Scene 6: The Precott home. Scene 7: The airport and lab at Los Alamos. Act 2 Scene 1: Turin, Italy. Scene 2: Turin, Italy. Scene 3: The Prescott home. Scene 4: The testing room, St. John's Cathedral. Scene 5: Albergo Excelsiore. Scene 6: The testing room.