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INTO THE LIGHT A Musical in 2 Acts, a Prologue, 13 Scenes and an Epilogue. Book by Jeff Tambornino. Music by Lee Holdridge. Lyrics by John Forster. Neil Simon Theatre, Broadway - Opened 22nd October, 1986; closed 26th October, 1986 (14 previews, 6 performances) SYNOPSIS James Prescott, a sceptical physicist from Los Alamos, belongs to an American scientific expedition attempting to determine the truth or otherwise of the Turin Shroud, the linen relic revered by true believers as Jesus' burial cloth. James's obsession with his scientific mission leads him to neglect his wife, Kate, and young son, Matthew, for the lab. The son, to compensate for his father's absence, places his faith in a jolly fantasy friend whom no one else can see. In true musical theatre style the problems get resolved before the final curtain. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 1. Prologue: Poltergeists - Matthew Kate 2. Neat/Not Neat - James, Father Frank, Kate 3. It Can All Be Explained - James, Father Frank 4. The Data - James, Team 5. A Talk About Time - James, Kate 6. Trading Solos - Father Frank, Matthew, Friend 7. Let There Be Light - James, Don, Father Frank, Signor Bocciarelli, Archbishop Parisi 8. Wishes - Matthew 9. The Three of Us - Kate, James 10. Rainbow Logic - James ACT 2 11. Fede Fede - Don, Archbishop Parisi, Team 12. To Measure the Darkness - James, Kate 13. The Testing - James, Team 14. The Rose and I - Kate 15. The Testing continued - James, Team 16. Measure the Darkness (reprise) - James 17. Be There - James, Matthew 18. Epilogue: Into the Light - Company