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INTIMACY AT 8.30 A revue by PETER MYERS, ALEC GRAHAME and DAVID CLIMIE : Music by JOHN PRITCHETT and RONALD CASS. : Directed by MICHAEL CHARNLEY Criterion Theatre, London - 29 April, 1954 Cast: Joan Heal, Joan Sims, Dilys Lay, Aud Johansen, Eleanor Fazan, Ronnie Stevens, Digby Woolfe, Geoffrey Hibbert, Ron Moody and Peter Felgate. Directed by Michael Charnley Costumes by Hilary Virgo and Rosemary Carvil Settings by Jefferson Strong Synopsis THIS OUTSTANDINGLY successful and lively intimate revue had no rival among its contemporaries for speed and wit. The team responsible, namely, Peter Myers, Alec Grahame, David Climie, John Pritchett and Ronald Cass. with Michael Charnley producing, scored heavily in a show that really knew no dull moments. Among the best items were Joan Heal in " Lady with the Lamp," a skit on a fashionable socialite's recent visit to a mine; Ronnie Stevens in " Largo it Barbiere." a classically tuneful London barber's apologia; Joan Sims in "Siren Song" in which passengers at Woking are lured by the seductions of the station announcer's voice, and all the company in "Good Book and Lyrics" guying a Hollywood biblical film production, and "Nights of Blackness," a cleverly produced and original flashback to London's blackout days. PROGRAMME 1. OPENING THE ALBUM… (Myers, Grahame & Cass) - The Company 2. THIS BLESSED PLOT … (Climie) - Aud Johansen introduces Stephanie Voss and Hugh Paddick 3. TYPING TYPES (a) BUSINESS IN GREAT WATERS … (Climie & Pritchett) - Ronnie Stevens, Digby Wolfe and Ron Moody (b) NO SALES LADIES … (Myers, Grahame & Cass) - Joan Heal, Joan Sims and Stephanie Voss 4. THE BOY FRIEND'S GIRL FRIEND - Eleanor Fazan and Les Boys (Myers, Grahame & Pritchett) 5. KNIT YOURSELF A LOST WEEKEND - (Climie, from an idea by George Wadmore) Aud Johansen introduces Joan Sims, Joan Heal, Hugh Paddick and Ron Moody 6. TWO EDWARDIAN SONGS (a) SURREY SIDE UP (Myers, Grahame & Pritchett) Peter Felgate, Eleanor Fazan, Ronnie Stevens and Aud Johansen (b) THE TEDDY GIRL'S PICNIC (Myers, Grahame & Cass) Joan Sims and Joan Heal 7. HIMMEL! … (Richard Vosbrugh) Aud Johansen introduces Peter Felgate, Hugh Paddick, Digby Wolfe and Ron Moody 8. FIT TO BE TIED … (Climie & Pritchett) - Peter Felgate and Eleanor Fazan