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IN THE LIGHT A Faustian Tale Music & Lyrics by Michael Mott Book by Nathan Wright and Justin Silv SYNOPSIS In The Light follows Dr. Johann Faustus, an astronomer, who is accused of blasphemy by the Holy Inquisition. Guided by a mysterious being called the Traveler, he flees to the small town of Hertz. There he meets a young scholarly woman named Gretchen, who shares his goals. Gretchen believes Doctor Faustus can use the town to begin a rebellion against the Inquisition. Together, they create a plan to resist its coming and to overthrow the power of the Church. As their plot proceeds, secrets Gretchen has hidden are discovered and Johann’s ambition is undermined by his own tormented mind. The Traveler urges the two forward and their dysfunctions entangle, leading to disaster for all. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue 2. Let Go of Me 3. Behind Closed Doors 4. More 5. She’s Not Me 6. Tomorrow Begins Today 7. The Man I Know 8. Dare to Dream 9. Rise or Fall / Act 1 Finale 10. He Is No Man 11. Sign, Shake, Spit! 12. Cathe the Moon 13. In the Light 14. The Man I Know (reprise) 15. Her Embrace CAST • Johann Faustus • Gretchen Wagner • Ana Faustus • Valentine Engel • The Traveller • Hilda • Agnes • Archbishop Peter DISCOGRAPHY In The Light - A Faustian Tale (Highlights from the World Premiere Studio Cast Recording)