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I DO! I DO! (Music by Harvey Schmidt: Book and Lyrics by Tom Jones: Based on 'The Four-Poster' by Jan de Hartog) 46th Street Theatre, Broadway - 5 December, 1966 (520 perfs) Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith - 16 May, 1968 SUMMARY The story of two people who have taken that most important step - marriage. in a warm sentimental fashion we follow the ups and downs of Agnes and Michael with love shining through all the smiles and tears. The perfect musical opportunity for a virtuoso performance from two characters. THE STORY: Act One A bedroom, complete with four-poster bed, chaise longue and easy chair. There are two dressing tables downstage on either side. Michael and Agnes sit at the tables, getting dressed for their wedding. They finish their makeup and don their wedding apparel. They move through the ceremony, complete with Agnes throwing the flowers and the two going out into the audience to shake hands and welcome guests. Finally, Michael carries Agnes back across the threshold and they fall into the bed (Prologue). Agnes’ feet hurt. Michael removes her shoe and kisses her foot. Agnes protests; a little drunk, a little weepy and very nervous. Michael professes his belief that they were married in a former life, and his sweetness makes her cry. We get a glimpse of the Michael that we will soon get to know when he ruins her happy moment by pointing out to her that she should go ahead and cry, as her youth is over. They nervously and elaborately prepare for the wedding night. They climb clumsily into bed and pull the covers back to find, to their horror, a pillow embroidered with the words, God Is Love. Michael awkwardly turns out the light. They say goodnight to each other, and Agnes admits that she’s never seen a naked man (Goodnight). There is an uncomfortable silence. Finally, they kiss and embrace passionately. A spotlight comes up on Michael, sitting on the lip of the stage. He stretches and smiles and tells the audience a surprising secret: contrary to conventional wisdom, he actually loves his wife (I Love My Wife). He wakes her and they dance together. He falls asleep, and she puts the God Is Love pillow under his head, tucks him in and kisses him. The music becomes soft and tender as Agnes straightens the room. She folds his clothes and puts them away, gets the robe that is hanging at her dressing area and slips into a new outfit. We see that she is very, very pregnant. She ruminates on impending motherhood (Something Has Happened). In the following blackout, we hear an old-fashioned, hand-rung bell as Michael calls for Agnes. He is in bed with a washcloth on his head as she enters – still hugely pregnant – pushing a bassinet. Michael is having sympathetic labor pains and is very needy and upset. He already feels displaced by the baby to come. Sitting on his lap, Agnes goes into labor. As Michael goes for the doctor, they promise to each other that they will never let anything happen to their relationship. Lights come up on Michael pacing, worrying and praying that his wife and baby survive (The Waiting Room). All is well; Michael has a son. He tosses cigars into the audience. Agnes enters, pulling a clothesline strung with diapers and baby clothes. Michael now realizes that he has a family for whom he needs to provide (Love Isn’t Everything). Agnes then has a girl. Now Michael knows that he really needs to make money. Despite the stress, love isn’t everything... but makes it all worth it. The tension between Agnes and Michael starts to