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that he cannot provide tuition without the scholarship. Nina seeks comfort from her friend Vanessa, but the salon owner, Daniela. sits her down for a makeover and gossip session. Daniela laments that this is her last day on the block. Due to a rent increase the salon is relocating to the Bronx. The best "bochinche" of the day is yet to come: someone bought a winning lottery ticket from Usnavi's bodega. Everyone on the block dreams of how they'd spend the small fortune. ($96,000) Abuela Claudia emerges amid the hubbub to feed the pigeons. She reflects on her childhood journey from Cuba to New York in 1943. remembering that her mother would say, "Patience and faith" along the journey. She reveals that she holds the winning lottery ticket. As the sun begins to set, Nina and Benny find themselves alone on the street. Nina admits that she felt like an outsider at Stanford, and Benny says that being the only African-American in a Latino-run business can be intimidating. The two take a tour of the neighbourhood landmarks they grew up with. The stores close up for the evening as a piragua guy continues selling flavoured ice. At the Rosario household, Camila (Nina's mother) has been cooking. Neighbours are enjoying the music and company when Kevin enters late, but with an announcement. He has sold Rosario's Car Service to pay for Nina's tuition. His news is met with anger: Benny has lost his job, Camila has lost her business. Nina vows not to accept the money. Nina follows Benny to a dance club. apologising, but he is furious about Kevin's decision. Vanessa and Usnavi enter the club and begin to dance. Tensions rise on the dance floor when, suddenly. the power goes out. Vanessa and Usnavi are separated in the darkness. With fireworks exploding in the sky, Nina and Benny find each other in the chaos and kiss. Act 2 - The next morning The light reveals Benny and Nina on his fire escape after spending the night together. Down on the street, Usnavi's bodega has been looted. His awning is ripped and his cash register gone. Abuela Claudia convinces Usnavi that together they should use her lottery winnings to relocate to the Dominican Republic. Usnavi agrees to get rid of his corner store and pursue his dream. Nina's parents have been searching for her all night, and when they learn that she has been with Benny. Kevin is furious. Kevin vows that Benny will never be a part of the Rosario family because he is not Latino. The family is at a breaking point when Camila instructs them to get it together before it's too late. It's high noon and the neighbours are frustrated by the extreme heat and continuing power outage. They muster enough energy for one last celebration before the bodega, the salon, and the dispatch shut their doors forever. The celebration continues onto another block when Kevin makes an announcement over the taxi radios: Abuela Claudia has passed away. The neighbours reunite on the sidewalk, this time to hold a vigil in honour of the block's matriarch. Usnavi and Nina look through boxes of Abuela Claudia's keepsakes—old lottery tickets and photos from the block's history. As Nina discovers photographs from her own high school graduation she decides to accept her father's sacrifice and return to Stanford. Her parents agree to sell the business, even if it means Kevin must return to being a mechanic. Across the street, as Daniela closes her salon forever, she reveals one last bit of juicy news. She will cosign on Vanessa's dream apartment in the West Village, thanks to a little convincing from Usnavi. Vanessa brings Usnavi a bottle of champagne to celebrate and asks him to stay, but his mind is set on the Dominican Republic. Sonny laments that this is the end of an era. Benny returns his uniform and car keys to Kevin. He will start planning his own business now. But he worries about his relationship with Nina: can they survive a long distance relationship without the blessing of her father? Nina and Benny stand together as the sun sets. The next morning Usnavi wakes up early to begin closing up shop. He sees the businesses around him.