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IN DAHOMEY A New Version of the Musical Farce in 2 Acts, a Prologue and 4 Scenes; Book by Jesse A. Shipp. Music by Will Marion Cook. Lyrics by Alex Rogers. Additional music by James Vaughan. Grand Opera House, New York - 27th August - 10th September, 1904 (17 perfs) SYNOPSIS The story tells of two conmen from Boston who, having found a pot of gold, devise a plan to move to Africa to colonize Dahomey (present-day Benin) with a group of poor American blacks. Having suffered bad luck, the conmen, Shylock Homestead and Rareback Pinkerton are sent to Florida to con Cicero Lightfoot, the president of a colonization society. To his surprise, Pinkerton learns that Homestead is rich, and arranges to become his trustee to gain access to Homestead’s wealth. Once having been successful with that, Pinkerton struts around, acting as a dandy, or a refined figure in black society. Upon realizing Pinkerton’s schemes, Homestead refuses to continue to support Pinkerton’s acts, and the show culminates with a spectacular cakewalk. CAST Je-Je, a Caboceer (Governor of a Province) Menki, Messenger of the King Mose Lightfoot, Agent of Dahomey Colonization Society and Hamilton Lightfoot's brother Shylock Homestead, called Shy by his friends Rareback Pinkerton, Shy's personal friend and advisor Hustling Charlie, promoter of the Get-the-Coin Syndicate George Reeder, proprietor of an intelligence office, one of the Get-the-Coin Dr. Straight in name only, street fakir, another Get-the-Coinist Hamilton Lightfoot, President of the Dahomey Colonization Society—henpecked, light and easy Me Sing, a Chinese cook Archie Brown, a sailor boy, the son of an old acquaintance of Mrs. Stringers Leather, a bootblack Henry Stampfield, a letter carrier Messenger Rush, but not often James, a butler Officer Still Helper to the Doctor Cecilia Lightfoot, Hamilton's second wife, Rosetta's stepmothe Madame Flash Mrs. Stringer, dealer in forsaken patterns, and interested in the Dahomey scheme Rosetta Lightfoot, a troublesome young thing, Hamilton's pride City folks, country folks, lady folks, men folks, old folks, young folks and others Scenes and settings Prologue: Garden of the Caboceers, Dahomey. Act 1: Public Square, Boston Act 2 Scene 1: Exterior of Lightfoot's Home, Gatorville, Florida. Scene 2: Road, one and a half miles from Gatorville. Scene 3: Interior of the Lightfoot home.