Shows "I"

Back in Silva’s tent, Tamar is full of remorse. Caught between two worlds, her only hope is a peace that seems impossible. Motivated by love, for Silva as well as her people, she heads back up the mountain to arrange a meeting between her father and the man she loves. At the same time, Rufus is determined to destroy the chance of an agreement between Silva and Eleazar and encourages an insurrection against Silva by the Roman troops. When Tamar returns to Masada, she swears Silva will protect everyone if they will surrender peacefully. Eleazar says it’s a trick. But when Silva spares Aaron’s life and frees him, Eleazar agrees to meet with the General. Eleazar arrives at the meeting in time to hear Tamar and Silva pledge their love. Silva swears he’ll protect Tamar – and her people. Eleazar can’t help being moved. But just when peace appears to be at hand, Silva is betrayed by Rufus’s officers, determined to sack Masada and kill Silva. He and Eleazar fight them off but, in the end, Eleazar realizes that Silva’s love for his daughter isn’t enough to save them from Roman tyranny. Eleazar retreats back up the mountain. He tells the rebels they have a choice – to live as slaves or die in freedom. The next morning, after the Romans attack, Silva enters the fortress to discover an eerie silence. The rebels have killed themselves. Silva sees Tamar lying dead next to her father. Thus ends the tale of “Masada”. However the fate of Daniel, his family and his acting company is still unknown: will they save themselves or find a way to inform their audience not to get on the trains? MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. The Last Day of Summer — Rebecca, Daniel and Company 2. Imagine This — Daniel and Company 3. Masada Prologue — Rebels 4. Rufus’s Letter to Caesar — Rufus 5. Free (Jerusalem Sequence) — Rebels 6. When he looked in my eyes — Tamar 7. Salome’s Lament — Salome, Slave girls, Roman soldiers 8. When I looked in her eyes — Silva 9. No More — Pompey 10. Free (Reprise) — Rebels 11. Rebels’ Prayer — Tamar, Naomi and Rebels 12. Masada — Eleazar, Tamar, Rebels 13. Hail — Silva, Tamar, Roman Soldiers 14. I am the dove — Naomi and Tamar 15. Hail (Reprise) — Silva 16. Far from here, Far from now — Silva, Tamar 17. To touch a cloud — Daniel and Company 18. The Last Laugh — Daniel 19. Don’t mind me — Pompey and Aaron 20. Writing on the wall — Rufus and Roman Soldiers 21. I Surrender — Tamar, Silva, Eleazar 22. Far from here, Far from now (Reprise) — Tamar 23. Passover Prayer — Jeremiah and Rebels 24. The Choice — Eleazar, Tamar, Naomi and Rebels 25. To touch a cloud (Reprise) — Company 26. Imagine This (Finale) — Company