Shows "I"

13. Miss Marmelstein - Miss Marmelstein 14. The Sound of Money (reprise) -Harry 15. A Funny Thing Happened (On My Way to Love) - Ruthie, Harry 16. What's In It for Me? - Teddy, Martha 17. What Are They Doing to Us Now? - Miss Marmelstein, Buggo, Tootsie, Manette, Gail, Miss Springer, Creditors 18. Eat a Little Something - Mrs. Bogen, Harry 19. Epilogue - The Company SCENES AND SETTINGS Prologue: Seventh Avenue, New York City, 1937. Act 1 Scene 1: Office of Maurice Pulvermacher, Inc. Scene 2: Seventh Avenue. Scene 3: A Bronx Stoop. Scene 4: Mrs. Bogen's Kitchen in the Bronx. Scene 5: Club Rio Rhumba. Scene 6: Mrs. Bogen's Kitchen. Scene 7: A Bronx Stoop. Scene 8: Apex15 Modes, Inc. Scene 9: Apex Modes Showroom. Act 2 Scene 1: Harry Bogen's Penthouse. Scene 2: Apex Modes Inc. Scene 3: Apex Modes Inc. Scene 4: The Club Rio Rhumba. Scene 5: Apex Modes Showroom. Scene 6: Mrs. Bogen's Kitchen. Scene 7: Office of Maurice Pulvennacher, Inc. Scene 8: Seventh Avenue. Discography Presented across 2CDs, the release presents the Original Broadway Cast Recording, newly remastered from stereo reel-to-reel tape, alongside the show’s original studio demo recordings. The release is complemented by a bonus disc of cover recordings from ‘I Can Get it For You Wholesale’ including a never before released on CD instrumental album by Sy Oliver and His Orchestra. The disc also includes a plethora of pop covers from Harold Rome’s score by such artists as Tony Bennett, Robert Goulet, Jerry Vale and Edmundo Ros. The release is further complemented with detailed sleeve notes by Broadway historian and Harold Rome scholar George Dansker.