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I MARRIED WYATT EARP Book by Thomas Edward West and Sheilah Rae, lyrics by Sheilah Rae, music, Michael Brourman; Suggested in part by I Married Wyatt Earp edited and collected by Glenn G. Boyer 59E59 Theater B. First preview 20 May 2011, Opened 24 May. closed June 12, 2011; 3 previews, 18 performances SYNOPSIS Young Josie Marcus is nothing like the girls back home. Passionate and fearless, she leaves behind her upper class Jewish family for the adventure of Tombstone, Arizona—home of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. Eleven gutsy women give voice to the untold story of the American frontier in this compelling new musical. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue 2. Don't Blame Me for That 3. Unpacking Dreams 4. Nothing Like the Girsl at Home 5. When a Maiden Makes a Promise 6. I Ain't Gain' Back 7. High Class Attraction 8. Mama, Oh Mama 9. They Got Snakes Out Here 10. Pins and Needles 11. Don't Blame Me for That (reprise) 12. Didya Hear? 13. Little Black Sheep 14. Mama, Oh Mama (reprise) 15. It's Different This Time 16. Pins and Needles (reprise) 17. Don't Blame Me for That (reprise) 18. In the Cards 19. Room to Breathe 20. The Dust, Games Are Everywhere 21. I'd Do It All Again 22. Stand Your Ground 23. Pins and Needles/ Shootout 24. All These Years SCENES AND SETTINGS Los Angeles, Cailifornia, 1944; Tombstone, Arizona, 1879-1881