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Austin, now back with Catherine, still hurt by Marcy's earlier rejection, and reeling from her tactless attempt to apologise, sends her away. Austin, Marcy, Diana, and Jeff, all deal with their heartache. Marcy and Diana go to the bar where the Bartender and Cocktail Waitress sympathise with them. Austin returns home and finds Diana and Jeff making up. They convince him that Marcy is the woman for him. Before running to Marcy, Austin takes a moment to say goodbye to his old lifeand runs off to find Marcy, and tells her that she is completely wrong for him, and he is completely wrong for her, and he doesn't love her anyway. He loves her because of their differences. CHARACTERS • Austin Bennet (25; tenor to A): greeting card writer. • Jeff Bennet (28; baritone to G [optional A]): pedi-cab driver. • Marcy Fitzwilliams (24; soprano, strong mix to F, belt to D): photographer. • Diana Bingley (27; alto to D): actuary. • Cocktail Waitress, Barristers, Neighbour, Chinese Food Restaurant Manager, Nyc Woman (soprano) • Bartender, Barista, Waiter, Chinese Food Restaurant Waiter, Nyc Man (bari-tenor) INSTRUMENTATION - (5 musicians) Piano/Conductor; Electric keyboard; Reed (Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Oboe); Bass (Acoustic and Electric); Drums/Percussion MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Another Saturday Night In New York 2. Oh What A Difference 3. But I Don't Want To Talk About Her 4. Coffee 5. The Perfect Romance 6. Because Of You 7. We're Just Friends 8. Maybe We Just Made Love 9. Just Not Now 10. Alone 11. That's What's Gonna Happen 12. Even Though 13. But I Do 14. What Do We Do It For? 15. Marcy's Yours 16. Goodbye 17. I Love You Because DISCOGRAPHY I Love You Because (2006 Original Off-Broadway Cast)