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HIT THE TRAIL A Musical in 2 Acts, 13 Scenes. Book by Frank O'Neill. Music by Frederico Valerio. Lyrics by Elizabeth Miele. Mark Hellinger Theatre, Broadway - Opened 2nd December, 1954; closed 4th December, 1954 (4 performances.) SYNOPSIS The story tells of the plight of Lucy Vernay, a prima donna, who is stranded in 19th century Nevada, and who must chose between a crook and a banker,. Hit the trail is set during the Nevada gold rush and tells of a stranded operetta troupe. Company diva, Lucy Vernay, is forced to choose between her former lover, the company’s corrupt manager, and an honest local banker who gave her money to open a beauty emporium in town CAST • Jerry • Joan • Willie • Clayton Harrison • Lucy Vernay • Murph • Aggie July • Miller Waiters, Dancers, Singers MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. On With the Show - Jerry, Joan, Troupers 2. Mr. Right - Lucy Vernay 3. Dynamic - Lucy Vernay, Murph 4. Blue Sierras - Aggie July, Patrons 5. No! No! No! - Clayton Harrison 6. The Wide Open Spaces - Clayton Harrison, Aggie July, Joan, Jerry 7. Gold Cannot Buy - Townspeople 8. Remember the Night - Clayton Harrison, Lucy Vernay 9. Tell Me How - Murph 10. It Was Destiny - Aggie July, Girls 11. Just a Wonderful Time - Jerry, Joan 12. Nevada Hoe Down - Aggie July, Patrons 13. New Look Feeling - Lucy Vernay, Jerry, Joan, Patrons 14. Set Me Free - Lucy Vernay 15. Somehow I've Always Known - Murph 16. Remember the Night (reprise) - Clayton Harrison 17. My Fatal Charm - Clayton Harrison 18. Men Are a Pain in the Neck - Aggie July 19. Wherever I May Go - Lucy Vernay 20. Take Your Time - Jerry, Joan 21. Happy Birthday - Company 22. Mr. Right (reprise) - Lucy Vernay, Murph