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heard from another Smith about Looloo having lost all her money and taking up work again. He got a job as a stoker on a ship heading home and here he is. If she still wants him, he's hers. He has the promise of a ship. It's a coal barge, but it's a start. Looloo's efforts at diffidence don't last long and soon she is in Bilge's arms but, just as it looks as if all will turn out right at last, Lavinia enters with a fine gown ready for Looloo to wear to Charlotte's celebration party. Bilge stiffens. That's her dress? Then there is no way she is poor. Looloo insists that she has not a cent to her name, but Bilge is as wary as he was of old and finally Looloo has to admit the truth. She really doesn't have a penny. She has put all her money into a trust fund and she, cannot touch it. The only person who can ever have it is her first born child. As long as his name is Smith. And now she is going to marry Bilge Smith before he gets away again. MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT I Scene I 1. Join the Navy - LouLou, Gobs, Girls 2. What’s a Kiss Among Friends? - Toddy Gaie, Charlotte Payne, Ensign Alan Clark, Girls 3. Harbor of My Heart - LouLou, Bilge Scene 2 4. Shore Leave - Girls, Boys 5. Lucky Bird - Lavinia Scene 3 6. Looloo - LouLou, Boys 7. Why, Oh Why? (renamed Nothing Could Be Sweeter) - Charlotte Payne, Boys, Girls 8. Sometimes I’m Happy - LouLou, Bilge 9. Finale - Company ACT 2 Scene 1 10. Opening - Chia Shun, Ensemble 11. Hallelujah! - Lavinia, Boys, Girls 12. Finaletto - Ensemble Scene 2 13. Hallelujah! (reprise) - Lavinia Scene 3 14. Looloo (reprise) - LouLou, Boys 15. Utopia - LouLou, Bunny 16. Finale - Company DISCOGRAPHY Original Film Soundtrack recording - Rhino R2 76668 CAST (in order of appearance) Donkey Dinty Marine Battling Smith Chick Gus Bob Lavinia Loulou Ensign Alan Clark Toddy Gaie Charlotte Payne Mat Bilge Bunny Captain Roberts Ah Lung Mun Fang Rita Coolie Chia Shun Four Missionaries Four Mandarins