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with Tracy and Edna blocking the door behind them. Link chickens out, afraid that controversy will cost him his big break on the nationwide special, and he leaves. Tracy is heartbroken, but unwilling to back down. Edna feels she could "never appear on [her] current weight," but Maybelle insists that, like her, Edna is big, blonde and beautiful. Edna agrees, but as they reach the studio, their civil rights demonstration turns into a full-scale riot, and both protesters and protestees are loaded into a police paddy wagon. ACT TWO Almost every female character is in jail, waiting to be sprung from the Big Dollhouse. After Velma and Amber are pardoned, Wilbur posts bail for everyone else (by mortgaging the Har-De-Har Hut), but-thanks to some legal shenanigans by the Von Tussles to keep her out of the Miss Teenage Hairspray contest - Tracy is moved to solitary "refinement" Back at home, Wilbur is working on a giant joke can of hairspray, while Edna bewails Tracy's fate, and her own forgotten dreams of being a fabulous fashion designer. Even Mr. Pinky wants all his glamorous outfits back. She's feeling old and worn-out. But Wilbur knows just what to say. Link slips into jail past a sleeping guard to whisper to Tracy through the bars of her cell that he's through with Amber (who was just using him to look popular). He wants Tracy to be his girl and wear his Corny Collins Council ring. Meanwhile, Prudy's mother has tied Penny up in her room, but Seaweed comes to set her free. The four teens sing as Link cuts through the bars of Tracy's cell with a blowtorch made from a can of hairspray and a Zippo lighter. They run to Motormouth Maybelle's, where they plan their next move - the integration of the Miss Hairspray contest. Tracy is afraid of what it will cost her friends and family, but for Motormouth, it's too late to turn back. At the Baltimore Eventorium, armed guards surround the Miss Teenage Hairspray spectacular, as Corny and The Council Members sing their big opening number. A scoreboard of votes for Miss Hairspray shows Amber and Tracy are neck-and-neck. A man wheels on a giant can of hairspray, but Velma recognises him as Wilbur and thinking this Trojan Horse houses his "jailbird" daughter, calls the riot police away from the entrance to guard it. It's time for the contestants' new dance competition. With Tracy still at large ("at VERY large") Amber dedicates her number to Tracy, the Loser. Amber is claiming the prize as Tracy bursts in, followed by Link, Penny and Li'l Inez. The armed guards turn out to be Seaweed, Motormouth and the kids from the "wrong side of the tracks." Finally entering through the FRONT door, everybody joins in Tracy's dance and The Corny Collins Show is officially integrated, live and nationwide. The giant can of hairspray explodes to reveal Edna making her coast-to-coast television debut in a fabulous ensemble of her own creation. The dancing crowd then turns on Velma and Amber, inviting even them to admit You Can't Stop the Beat. CAST - in order of appearance Tracy Turnblad Corny Collins Amber Von Tussle Brad Tammy Fender Brenda Sketch Shelley IQ Lou Ann Link Larkin Prudy Pingleton Edna Turnblad Penny Pingleton Velma Von Tussle Harriman F. Spritzer Wilbur Turnblad Seaweed J. Stubbs Duane Gilbert Lorraine The Dynamites Mr. Pinky Li'l Inez Motormouth Maybelle Gym Teacher Matron Principal Guard Denizens of Baltimore INSTRUMENTATION Guitars I, II; Keyboards I, II, III: Electric Bass; Drums; Percussion; Reeds I, II; Trumpet; Trombone;Violin I, II, III, IV; Cello I, II