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SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY ACT I Before the Terrace at Lovel Court, near York. A May afternoon, 1720. ACT II Outside the 'Lovel Arms.' Scene I - The same evening. Scene II - Early next morning. The curtain falls for a few minute after Scene I to denote the passage of time. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I 1. Introduction and Opening Chorus 2. (Rustics) Fill up the Can 3. Ballad (Lady Lovel and Chorus) The Legend of the Lovels 4. Song (Sir Harry) My Lady Disdain 5. Duet (Sir Jeffrey and Obadiah) The Villains of the Piece 6. Chorus (Girls) and Song (Isabel) The Fortune Shop 7. Entrance of Grenadiers (Solo Sergeant, & Chorus of Rustics) With Tootling Fifes 8. Ensemble The Governor's Body-Guard 9. Song (Governor and Chorus) The Governor of York 10. Exit of Chorus Come, then, lasses 11. Legend Music 12. Song (O'neill, with Isabel) Highwayman Love 13. Duet (Bess and Sir Harry) When a Man would Woo 14. Song (Bess) The Magic of May 15. Legend Music 16. Chorus (Solo, Solomon) Lads and Lasses, here's Frivolity 17. Minuet 18. Finale (Act I): (a) Song (O'neill and Chorus) The Nightbird (b) Recits and ensemble - One moment, pray ACT II. SCENE I 19. Chorus (Rustics) Here's a Source of Joy Ecstatical 20. Trio (Sophy, Sergeant, Solomon) A Military Life 21. Song (Governor and Grenadiers) Guard, turn out! 22. Scena (Isabel and Chorus) The Little Witch 23. Trio (Sir Jeffrey, Diggory, and Obadiah) Deportment 24. Song (Sir Harry, with Bess, Isabel and O'neill) Life and Love 25. Quartette (Bess, Lady Lovel, Sir Harry O'neill) Let us Raise a Tuneful Measure. 26. Ensemble (Bess, O'neill, Governor, Sergeant, and Chorus) When the Roundshot goes a-flying ACT II. SCENE II 27. Entr'acte and Song (Solomon) Witches and Watches 28. Quintette (Sophy, Isabel, Dr Flute, Solomon, Sergeant) Ring the Merry Marriage-bell 29. Duet (Governor and Lady Lovel) Matrimony 30. Melodrame 31. Finale of Opera - Highwayman Love