Shows H

MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. - (Words and Music by Whitley and Kramer). TESSIE O'SHEA and COMPANY. SONS OF THE SEVEN SEAS (Words and Music by Dick Hurtan). TONY HULLEY, BRENT FIELDS, BILLY CASTLE, BOBBIE TRANTER, THE WALLABIES, THE MALE VOICE CHOIR and ENSEMBLE. SHORE LEAVE (Johnnie McGregor). The English Sailor : JIMMY JEWEL. The American : BEN WARRISS. Their Girl Friends: MARIANNE LINCOLN and TESSIE O'SHEA ON THE SQUARE The Officer : HARRY MORENY. The Sergeant: DICK BEAMISH. The Recruits: ARTHUR VOLLUM SAMMY CURTIS and NAT JACKLEY. LIGHT FANTASTIC (I Want to Dance My Way.Words and Music by Dick Hutran). The Romantic Pair : HALAMA and KONARSKI. The Boogie Bachelor : GIL JOHNSON CONCERTO FOR TWO Introduced by HARRY MORENY BIG MOMENT - TESSIE O'SHEA. RHYTHM IN RED - THE ENTIRE COMPANY. Ladies of the Chorus Trudy Allen, Barbara Bentham, Ena Curtis, Roma Darrell, Beryl Denese, Dorina Franklin, Mary Gould, Pat Gray, Pamela Harrington, Maive Hewson, Jacqueline Horsley, Jenny Jennings, Joan Kay, Lorna Kilner, Mary Leonard, Mary Maxfield, Joan Mullen, Jean Osborn, Margaret Roff, Bubbly Rogers, Joan Cox, Margaret Seaman, Sheila Selway, Pat Lancaster, Joyce Simpson, Pat Sollors, Carol Trent, Julie Turner, Dorothy Underwood, Freda Lansley, Jill Varden, June Wheeler, Natalie Wilson Personnel of THE SKYROCKETS' ORCHESTRA Saxophones: IZZY DUMAN, BILL APPS, PAT SMUTS, NORMAN IMPEY, MAX PHILLIPS. Trombones: GEORGE ROWE, DON McCAFFER, ARTHUR VERREY, FRANK OSBORNE. Trumpets: CHICK SMITH, LES LAMBERT, RON PRIEST, BILLY RIDDICK. Violins: LEWWHITESON, JACK SMALLMAN, SID WILLIAMS, MARK SHANE, SID MARKS, BILLY SHULMAN, LEN LEE. Piano: PAT DODD. Bass: JOCK REID. Harp: ARTHUR RAWSON. Drums: GEORGE FIERSTONE.