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HIGH TIME • A Revue by ROBERT NESBITT | The Dancing Staged by JOAN DAVIS | Costumes by ALEC SHANKS • Decor by REECE PEMBERTON | Musical arrangements by PAUL FENOULHET who conducts THE 'SKYROCKETS' ORCHESTRA London Palladium - 20 April, 1946 PROGRAMME RAIN AND SHINE a. April Shower: THE GIRLS, TONY HULLEY and BARBARA BENTHAM, TOM GILLIS. BILLY CASTLE and BOBBIE TRANTER. b. 'Turn off the Rain': JIMMY JEWEL and BEN WARRISS. c. Turn on the Rainbow': (Words and Music by Lew Brown and Ray Henderson).THE SPECTRUM ENSEMBLE. BOY MEETS GIRL - NAT JACKLEY and MARIANNE LINCOLN interrupted by SAMMY CURTIS ('The Country Bumpkin' Words by Dick Hurran. Music by Maurice Burman). THE RAJAH'S CRAZY ON SWING Words and Music by Dick Hurran The Ranee of Swing : TESSIE O'SHEA. Her Retinue : TONY HULLEY, BRENT FIELDS, BOBBIE TRANTER, BILLY CASTLE and THE ENSEMBLE SECOND ROUND - JIMMY JEWEL and BEN WARRISS, ('Eventually Comes Love.' Words by Lew Brown. Music by Buck Ram). 'HAVANA FOR A NIGHT' (Words by Oscar Hammerstein. Music by-Gonzalo Curie!). HALAMA and KONARSKI - accompanied by THE CABANA ACCORDION SIX. Vocalists: THE HARMONY FOUR. THE BIGGEST LITTLE SHOW ON EARTH Introducing … BOB BROMLEY. The Commère : MARIANNE LINCOLN. YUKON NIGHTS (a) A LUMBER CAMP: ('Down The Trail.' Words by Dick Hurran. Music by Harry Parr Davies). BERNARD DUDLEY, THE HARMONY FOUR and THE MALE VOICE CHOIR. (b) 'FOREVER TIMBER.' … JIMMY JEWEL and BEN WARRISS. (c) A BUNKHOUSE IN THE KLONDIKE: Two Gold Miners: HARRY MORENY and DICK BEAMISH A Tough Guy: BERNARD DUDLEY. An Indian : ARTHUR VOLLUM, Old Jake : ALAN BAILEY. Pete : PHIL PHILLET A Tenderfoot : NAT JACKLEY. (d) GOLD RUSH, 1898. ('Gold.' Words by Dick Hurran. Music by Gaby Rogers) - TESSIE O'SHEA. The Song and Dance Man : GIL JOHNSON, ('Mary Lou.' Words and Music by Dick Hurran).