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HIGH SOCIETY Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter: Book by Richard Eyre Based on the play The Philadelphia Story by Philip Barry and the MGM motion picture High Society Victoria Palace Theatre, London - 25 February, 1987 (420 perfs) THE STORY: The story is set in 1948 when Tracy Samantha Lord is about to marry her second husband, George Ketteridge. Her mother, Mrs Margaret Lord, and her younger sister, Dinah, are at the family mansion in Philadelphia supervising last minute preparations. Her father, Seth Lord, is absent ostensibly on business. Sydney Kidd, editor of Spy Magazine is determined to get the inside story on the wedding and blackmails Dexter Haven, (Tracy's first husband who is still coming to terms with the failure of their marriage) to arrange for two journalists, Liz Imbrie and Mike Connor, to pose as guests and obtain an exclusive story. Tracy shows a great deal of interest in Mike's ambition to become a successful author, causing jealousy from both Liz and George: her erratic behaviour on the eve of the wedding leads to it being called off just as the guests arrive for the ceremony. The show's finale is a spectacular double wedding; Tracy and Dexter, Liz and George! PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS (plus Chorus) Tracy Lord Dexter Haven Liz Imbrie Margaret Lord George Ketteridge Dinah Lord Mike Connor Seth Lord Uncle Willie MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. How Do You Spell Ambassador 2. Give Him the Ooh-la-la 3. Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? (Liz, Mike) 4. Little One 5. Hey, Good Lookin' (Uncle Willie) 6. I Love You, Samantha 7. Ball Medley 8. Well Did You Evah? (Tracy, Dexter, Mike, Liz) 9. Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love 10. Now You Has Jazz (Mike, Tracy, Chorus) 11. In the Still of the Night (Liz) 12. You're Sensational 13. True Love 14. Finale/High Society (Mike, Liz, Chorus)