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INSTRUMENTATION: Drums; Electric Bass; Guitar 1 (Acoustic and Electric); Guitar 2 (Acoustic and Electric); Keyboard 1/ Conductor ; Keyboard 2 ; Marching Band: Brass (OPTIONAL) ; Marching Band: Drum Corps (OPTIONAL) ; Percussion Quint Toms, Bongos, Bell Tree, Mark Tree, Suspended Cymbal, Glockenspiel, Tambourine, Triangle, Cowbell, Congas, Tam-tam, Tenor Drums, 2 Woodblocks, Carnivale Shaker, Doumbel, Egg Shaker, Small Egg Shaker Larger Shaker Chocalho Caixa CAST The Characters and Cliques of East High School (the Sophomores, anyway) The JOCKS TROY BOLTON, captain of the basketball team CHAD DANFORTH, number two on the basketball team, Troy’s best friend ZEKE BAYLOR, has a secret passion for baking Other Jocks The NERDS JACK SCOTT, the PA announcer, a.k.a. the Velvet Fog of East High KELSI NEILSON, the mousey composer of Juliet and Romeo The THESPIANS SHARPAY EVANS, president of the Drama Club RYAN EVANS, vice-president of the Drama Club James, an earthworm expressionist Susan, overwrought with emotion Cathy, a little too eager Alan, has a flair for couture Cyndra, has operatic aspirations Performance Art Kids The BRAINIACS GABRIELLA MONTEZ, the shy new girl at school TAYLOR MCKESSIE, president of the Science Club Martha Cox, has a secret passion for hip-hop Other Brainiacs The SKATER DUDES Skaterdude, has a secret passion for the cello Skaterdude 2 Other Skater Dudes Other Students; Wildcat Cheerleaders; Party Kids, guests in ski-lodge flashback; Fans/Spectators at the basketball championship game and the Science Decathlon The ADULTS Karaoke M.C., voiceover in ski-lodge flashback MS. DARBUS, drama teacher COACH BOLTON, basketball coach, Troy’s dad Ms. Tenny, voiceover chemistry teacher Moderator, voiceover science decathlon moderator