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to not do the callback, but instead help their respective teams for their events. The Jocks and Brainiacs say they should do the callbacks. Troy and Gabriella refuse, but the teams decide to lend a helping hand anyway (“We’re All In This Together”). On the day of the big game/Decathlon/callbacks, the students are excited for the festivities. Sharpay and Ryan perform their callback song (“Bop to the Top”), which at the same time happens with the basketball championship and the science decathlon, during which Taylor engineers an electronic meltdown in the decathlon and light malfunctions in the game, which forces all the students to move to the theater. Chad and Taylor explain to Troy and Gabriella that this is their only chance. Mrs. Darbus, hesitant to allow Troy and Gabriella an audition due to their lateness, has no choice but to let them audition as the auditorium fills with students (“Breaking Free”). Mrs. Darbus gives Troy and Gabriella the parts on the spot with everyone watching. The end of Act II brings us to the gym where all the main characters wrap up their plots (Chad asks Taylor to an after-party, Zeke gets Sharpay to be nice to him, Jack Scott and Kelsi flirt, and Sharpay makes up with Gabriella and Troy). The Wildcats win the big game and the Decathlon. The students celebrate (“We’re All in This Together (Reprise)”) followed by a recap of all the major songs in the show (“Megamix”) during the curtain call. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 •Scene One East High School Steps – Monday 7:45am •Scene Two Ms Darbus's Home Room - Monday 8:00am •Scene Three Hallway– Monday 8:15am •Scene Four Gym – Monday 8:30am •Scene Five Chemistry Lab– Monday 2:00 pm •Scene Six Theater – Monday 3:00 pm •Scene Seven Theater–Tuesday 3:00 pm •Scene Eight Various Places – Tuesday Evening •Scene Nine Cafeteria - Noon Act 2 • Scene One Rooftop Garden – Wednesday 12:30PM • Scene Two Sharpay's Locker –Wednesday 12:30pm • Scene Three Study Hall –Wednesday 3:30pm • Scene Four Gym –Wednesday 3:30pm • Scene Five Locker Room/ Lab –Wednesday 4:00pm • Scene Six Isolated Spaces –Wednesday Evening • Scene Seven Rehearsal Room –Thursday 12:30PM • Scene Eight Theatre–Thursday 12:45PM • Scene Nine Study Hall –Thursday 1 :00pm • Scene Ten Lab/Theatre/Locker Room & Gym – Friday 3:00pm • Scene Eleven Gym – Friday 5:00pm MUSICAL NUMBERS Act One 1. Wildcat Cheer Company 2. Start of Something New Troy Gabriella, Company 3. Get'cha Head in the Game Troy, Jocks 4. Auditions Thespians 5. What l've Been Looking For Sharpay, Ryan 6. What I've Been Looking For (Reprise) Troy, Gabriella 7. Cellular Fusion Chad, Taylor, Company 8. Stick to the Status Quo Company Act Two 9. I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You Troy, Gabriella 10. Wildcat Cheer (Reprise) Cheerleaders 11. We're Counting on You Jocks, Brainiacs 12. When There Was Me and You Gabriella, Troy (plus Jocks/Brainiacs) 13. Start of Something New Troy Gabriella 14. We're All in This Together Chad, Taylor, Kelsi, Jocks, Brainiacs 15. Bop to the Top Sharpay, Ryan, Brainiacs, Jocks 16. Breaking Free Troy, Gabriella, Company 17. We're All in This Together (Reprise) Company 18. High School Musical Megamix Company