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Scene 11 : On the Way to Doris' Apartment. Scene 12: Store Psychologist's Office at Macy's. Scene 13: Macy's Toy Department. Scene 14: The Party. Scene 15: Macy 's Toy Department. ACT II Several Weeks later, December 19th. Scene 1 : Judge Martin Group's Chambers. Scene 2: In Isolation. Scene 3: Fred's Apartment. Scene 4: A Corridor in the New York Supreme Court. Scene 5: The Courtroom. Scene 6: The Courthouse Corridor. Scene 7: The Courtroom. Scene 8: Macy's Living Room Display. Christmas Eve. PERIOD AND COSTUME: The present: Thanksgiving Day to Christmas Eve. Santa Claus suits. Army and Marine uniforms, work dresses, overcoats, white parade uniforms with multiple costume accessories to change each into approximately 7 outfits (on the run), white boots, large fur plumes, drum major hats, toy soldier uniforms, white Santa costume, ice-skating outfits with muffs. Marine dress blues, judge robes, current style suits and dresses, mufflers, winter coats, sweaters, policeman, nurse, mailman, and Girl Scout uniforms. CHOREOGRAPHY: Macy's Parade production numhcr, hoedown steps, modern ballet, waltz, soft shoe steps. Lighting and Special Effects: Mostly general lighting. Ten-minute version of Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on stage requires many special effects to convey true spirit of the event. Lights on stage spelling out Macy's and bordering large display window. DISCOGRAPHY Here’s Love (1963 Original Broadway Cast)