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During the years that follow Benny grows into a strong, healthy and reliable young man. He pursues his education at night school, but when the time comes for him to decide his future he resolves to return to Liverpool and seek employment there. It is on one of his trips to Liverpool that he goes to the aid of a young lady who is being viciously attacked by thieves. He escorts her home where the injuries he sustained in her defence are attended to and the girl's father expresses his gratitude. They compare reminiscences of Liverpool during which it becomes clear that the girl's father is none other than Mr. Lawrence and that the banknote that Benny was alleged to have stolen had been found soon after Benny had left Liverpool and that Mr. Lawrence and Eva had made frantic efforts to trace the boy. Benny reveals his identity and shows Eva his 'lucky shilling'. Now that his name is cleared, his future at Mr. Lawrence's firm is assured and a romance is developing between himself and Eva. Benny goes in search of his old friends and in the final scene he is joyfully re-united with Joe and Sally Wragg. They, together with the people of Live pool, join to reaffirm their belief in hope for the future. CAST Principal Roles Supporting Roles Joe Wragg Sally Wragg Benny Bates Older Benny Nell Bates Eva Lawrence Older Eva Mr. Lawrence Jazzer Flower Seller Perks Inspector Sharpe Bread Seller Jack Bates Barrowman Lil Cricketer Milkmaid Bertha Bates Prostitute Alf Mrs. Fisher Lampman Ballroom Orchestra Sniffer Maisie Nurse Toff Reg the Rags Martha Hospital Doorman MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I • The Sights and Sounds of Our City The Company • The Boy We Lost Joe and Sally Wragg • Pictures in the Firelight Nell and Company • Addler's Alley Jazzer and Company • Drunken Parents Jack and Bertha Bates • God Help Me Jack Bates • Funny How Things Turn Out Sally, Jazzer, Insp. Sharpe • Time Together Joe and Sally Wragg • Eastham Ferry Nell, Young Benny, Sally and Company • A Boy Like Him Young Eva • Christmas Time Sally and Company • Pictures in the Firelight Sniffer and Company Act II • Joe Wragg's Vision Joe and Company • Thoughts of Love Mr. Lawrence and Young Eva • Funny How Things Turn Out Sniffer, Sally, Young Eva Young Benny and Mr. Lawrence • Mr Lawrence's Lament/Quartet Mr Lawrence, Insp. Sharpe, Young Benny and Young Eva • Mastery of Fate Jazzer and Company • What's Done Is Done Sniffer, Mr. Lawrence, and Joe • As Long as I Believe Joe • The Progress of Our Hero Benny Bates, Older Benny, Mr & Mrs Fisher, Milkmaid, Farmer, Cricketer, Duchess, and Teacher • Time the Healer Older Eva • Funny How Things Turn Out Mr. Lawrence • Like an Answer to My Prayer Benny and Eva • Follow Your Destiny Joe, Sally, Benny, Eva, Mr. Lawrence, and Company • Finale The Company