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INSTRUMENTATION: Violins, viola, cello I, II, III, bass, reeds I-V, horns I-II, trumpet I, II, III, trombone I, II, III, guitar, harp, percussion I, II, piano-conductor. CAST - 16 parts, 6 principals. Valerie, Marian (Gil), and Kafritz, teen-age girls who act, sing, and dance well. Henry Orient, rogue actor who sings. Stella, sexy character girl, minor singing. Mrs. Boyd, actress who sings. Strong choral work. Total cast, 35-55. SCENES AND SETS: 2 acts, 5 scenes, 8 full stage sets, 6 partial stage sets. ACT I Scene 1: A Street in New York City. Scene 2: Locker Room. Scene 3 : Central Park Zoo. Scene 4: Two Bedrooms. Scene 5: Concert Hall. Scene 6: Val's Bedroom. Scene 7: Telephone Booths. Scene 8: Luncheonette. Scene 9: Street Telephone Booth. Scene 10: Orient's Apartment Building, Cutaway View and Surrounding Street Corner. ACT II Scene 1: Boyd's Living Room. Scene 2: Washington Square. Scene 3: Orient's Apartment. Scene 4: Boyd's Living Room. Scene 5: Exterior of School and Locker Room. Scene 6: Cocktail Bar. Scene 7: Exterior of Orient's Apartment. Scene 8: Boyd's Living Room. Scene 9: Orient's Bedroom. Scene 10: Val's Bedroom. Period and Costumes The present: Well-worn mink coat, girls' school uniforms, boys' military school uniforms, dresses, trench coats, suits, pajamas, disguises, hippie mod costume clothes, evening dresses, black dinner jackets, black gowns, black choir robes, white shorts, coolie hats, dressing robes, uniforms for policemen, policewoman, and usherette.