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PEROD AND COSTUMES: Turn of the century: New York City and Yonkers. Bright, cartoon costumes of the dress and styles of the period. (Ruffled dresses, large hats, parasols, striped pants, vests, spats, waistcoats), shopkeeper smocks, horse costume, green waiter suits with white aprons, floor-length evening dresses, lodge uniform, tights, highbutton shoes, parade costumes (police, sports club, dance-hall girls, opera Association etc.), male formal suit and evening cape, "Hello, Dolly" evening dress, sailor dress, traveling clothes for ensemble. CHOREOGRAPHY: Strut, choregraphed excitement, light modern, waltz, parade, "Elegance" walk, modern jazz, polka, "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" and "Hello, Dolly!" production number. LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS: Mostly general lighting—dramatic lighting can help in spots. Three-car train puffs smoke. Notes Hello, Dolly!, to anyone viewing out-of-town tryouts, was to be almost a sure flop. However, director Gower Champion and his staff of musical doctors rewrote and restaged what became a modern miracle of musical theatre. Although no one can dispute the success of this fantastic show, it is not as good as its publicity. It would never have outrun My Fair Lady or even perhaps other long-run leaders had not the producer conceived several restagings to stretch artificially the production's life. DISCOGRAPHY Hello, Dolly! (1967 Broadway Cast) Hello, Dolly! (New Broadway Cast Recording) Hello, Dolly! (1964 Original Broadway Cast) Hello, Dolly! (1994 Broadway Revival Cast)