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back to the mountain. Clara wheels herself in the room and Dete tries to attend to her. When questioned by Clara about all that is going on, Dete only says that she wants "one big happy family." Left alone, Clara and Heidi talk about how much they don't like Dete. To Heidi it is quite evident that Dete wants to marry Clara's father, and that's why she is so nice to Clara all the time. She also suspects that Dete doesn’t want Clara to walk, since as long as Clara is an invalid, Dete will be needed. Heidi tries to help Clara realise that she can walk and soon has Clara standing up tall. Sebastian is amazed by what he sees. He gives Clara a letter from her father saying he'll return in six weeks for his daughter's birthday. She decides that with Heidi’s help she will be walking by then. Sebastian promises to keep this a secret from Dete. Herr Sesseman arrives home and is greeted by his daughter who slowly walks to him. Clara gives all the credit to Heidi. She further tells her father the truth about Dete. Dete loses her temper with Clara and Herr Sesseman quickly dismisses her. Dete indicates that she wants Heidi to follow her, but Heidi stays behind. Herr Sesseman asks Heidi what he can do to repay her, and she only asks to be returned to her Grandfather. He agrees to take her back the very next day. Clara will go as well. Heidi returns to the mountain to find her Grandfather sitting at the table staring at the photograph of his daughter. When he sees Heidi, he is overcome with joy. She tells him she knows why he sent her away, but she's back now for good. Grandfather is a changed man. He wants to meet Herr Sesseman and Clara and even offers to take Heidi down to the village on a walk. Peter joins them, and they all venture down the mountain to explore a new life that lies ahead. MUSICAL NUMBERS Come Along! - Company The Mountain Is Saying Goodnight - Heidi, Grandfather I Hate To Yodel - Heidi, Peter, Goatherds You Can Do It! - Heidi, Peter A Little Bit Of Talk - Heidi, Peter, Grandfather Everything Is Changing - Heidi, Dete, Klara CAST: - 2+ men, 3+ women, optional chorus HEIDI can also be performed with a larger company by including chorus members as villagers in Come Along (the opening and closing song),and goatherds in I Hate To Yodel and You Can Do It . CHARACTER BREAKDOWN: Heidi Aunt Dete Grandfather (May double as Sebastian ) Peter (May double as Herr Sesemann) Klara (May double as Villager ) Sebastian Herr Sesemann Villagers, Goatherds INSTRUMENTATION: piano