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HEARTBEATS Book, music and lyrics by Amanda McBroom. Created by Amanda McBroom and Bill Castellino. Additional music by Gerald Sternbach, Michele Brourman, Tom Snow and Craig Safan Goodspeed Opera House - 7 July, 1993 SYNOPSIS Annie married Steve on her twentieth birthday - she fell for him the minute they met. Two children and twenty years later, they're still in love ... but they've forgotten how to say it. Amanda McBroom, who leapt to the top of the US pop charts with the multiGrammy Award-winning 'The Rose', has fashioned more than twenty of her songs into a knowing musical portrait of an American woman facing her fortieth birthday and twentieth wedding anniversary all in one day. While looking back at her life and wondering if fulfilment hasn't passed her by, this mid-Western housewife is on the verge of discovering a new definition for happiness. Informed by humour and insight, this contemporary musical contemplates and illuminates the age-old conundrum known as "self-discovery". MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. All This Time (Composed by Tom Snow) 2. Anyone Can Do the Heartbreak (Composed by Tom Snow) 3. Anything But the Truth (Composed by Gerald Sternbach) 4. Dance 5. Hitch Hiker 6. Hurt Somebody Blues (Composed by Michele Brourman) 7. I Like to Look (Composed by Gerald Sternbach) 8. If This Is Love 9. I'm Fine 10. Jeff 's Song (Composed by Gerald Sternbach) 11. Jennifer's Song (Composed by Gerald Sternbach) 12. Monday's Mail (Mail # 1) (Composed by Gerald Sternbach) 13. Old Habits Die Hard (Composed by Michele Brourman) 14. Putting Things Away 15. Reynosa 16. The Rose 17. Serve 'Em Right 18. Ship in a Bottle 19. Shopper's Fugue (Composed by Gerald Sternbach) 20. Somebody (Composed by Gerald Sternbach) 21. Tell Me What You Want (Composed by Michele Brourman) 22. Tuesday's Mail (Mail # 2) (Composed by Gerald Sternbach) 23. The Way of the Heart 24. When Love Grows Up CAST: - 3 women, 3 men Annie, the wife Steve, the husband Young Annie Jeff Young Steve Best Friend INSTRUMENTATION: keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, percussion DISCOGRAPHY Pasadena Playhouse Cast Recording - Varèse Sarabande VSD-5527