Shows H

Virginia Poe, Eva Ralf, Beryl Towbin, Toni Wheelis, Christopher Brown, Ronald Cecill, Don Crichton, Al Craine, Hugh Lambert, Gerard Leavitt, George Reeder, Eric Schepard, Michael Spaeth. • Singers: Sara Dillon, Mary Harmon, Carol Hendricks, Betsy Holland, Dorsie Hollingsworth, B. J. Keating, Beverly McFadden, Laurel Shelby, John Bartis, Dean Campbell, David Carter, Jerry Craig, Bob Davis, Bill Heyer, Robert Lenn, David Randall. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. A Little More Heart - Laura Carew, Wallace Cook, Magazine Staff 2. The World Is Beautiful Today - (Replaced by 'My Wild Imagination') - Hazel Flagg 3. I'm Glad I'm Leaving - Hazel Flagg 4. The Rutland Bounce (Dance) - Dancers & Villagers 5. Hello, Hazel - Laura Carew, New Yorkers 6. Paris Gown (Ballet) - Hazel Flagg, Dancers, Models, Attendants 7. Money Burns a Hole in My Pocket - Wallace Cook 8. The World Is Beautiful Today (reprise) (replaced by 'Make the People Cry') - Wallace Cook, Editors 9. Every Street's a Boulevard in Old New York - Mayor of New York 10. How Do You Speak to an Angel? - Wallace Cook 11. Autograph Chant - Autograph Hunters 12. I Feel Like I'm Gonna Live Forever - Hazel Flagg 13. You're Gonna Dance With Me, Willie - Hazel Flagg, Willie, Company 14. Who Is the Bravest? - University Glee Club 15. Dream Parade (Ballet) - Hazel Flagg, Company 16. Salome - Dancing Girls, with Salome: Cowboy Singer: Cowboy Dancers 17. Everybody Loves To Take a Bow - Laura Carew, Mayor of New York, Men 18. Something in the Wind - Wallace 19. Laura De Maupassant - Hazel Flagg 20. Autograph Chant - (reprise) - Autograph Hunters 21. I Feel Like I'm Gonna Live Forever (reprise) - Company 22. How Do You Speak to an Angel? - Wallace Cook SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1: Conference Room of Everywhere Magazine. Late afternoon, 1930s. Scene 2: Dr. Downer's House. The next day. Scene 3: Railroad Depot, Stonyhead. That evening. Scene 4: A New York Street. The next day. Scene 5: Hazel's New York Hotel Suite. Later that day. Scene 6: Laura Carew's Office. Two weeks later. Scene 7: Hazel's Hotel Suite. Evening. A week later. Scene 8: (a) A Cross Section of New York City. Later that evening. (b) Roseland Ballroom. Act 2 Scene 1: A Radio Station in the Hotel. The next morning. Scene 2: Hazel's Hotel Bedroom. The same morning. Scene 3: The same. Several hours later. Scene 4: The Mayor's Luncheon. That afternoon. Scene 5: Under the East River Bridge. Later that evening. Scene 6: A Barge on the River's edge. A little later. Scene 7: Finale.