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HAZEL FLAGG A Musical Satire in Two Acts, 15 Scenes. Book by Ben Hecht. Based on the story Letter to the Editor by James Street and the film Nothing Sacred by Ben Hecht, (Ring Lardner, Jr.). Music by Jule Styne. Lyrics by Bob Hilliard. Dances and musical numbers staged by Robert Alton. Book directed by David Alexander. Scenery and lighting by Harry Horner. Costumes by Miles White. Musical director, Pembroke Davenport. Choral arrangements and direction by Hugh Martin. Orchestrations by Don Walker. Ballet arrangements by Oscar Kosarin. Entire production under the supervision of Robert Alton. Produced by Jule Styne in association with Anthony Brady Farrell. Mark Hellinger Theatre, New York: 11 February, 1953 - 4 July 1953; re-opened 7 September 1953 - 19 September, 1953. Total 190 performances. SYNOPSIS Hazel is a backwater Vermont girl who is believed to be dying of radium poisoning. A magazine gets hold of her story and brings her to New York, where she is the centre of attention. She finds time to fall in love with sophisticated Wallace Cook. When it is learned that she is really in the pink of health New York loses interest, but Wallace loves her all the same. CAST (in order of appearance): • An Editor: Dean Campbell. • Oleander: Jonathan Harris. • Laura Carew: BENAY VENUTA. • Wallace Cook: JOHN HOWARD. • Vermont Villagers: Carol Hendricks, B. J. Keating, Joan Morton, Dorothy Love, Laurel Shelby. Mr. Billings: Lawrence Weber. Mr. Jenkins: Robert Lenn. • Hazel Flagg: HELEN GALLAGHER. • Dr. Downer: THOMAS MITCHELL. • Man on the Street: George Reeder. • Bellboy: Jerry Craig. • Maximilian Lavian: John Pelletti. • Fireman: Bill Heyer. • Miss Winterbottom: Betsy Holland. • Mayor of New York: JACK WHITING. • Whitey: SHEREE NORTH. • Willie: John Brascia. • Dr. Egelhofer: Ross Martin. • Chorus Girls: Lori Jon, Virginia Poe. • Committeemen: Michael Spaeth, John Bartis. • Policeman: Eric Schepard. • Dancers: Estelle Aza, Chris Carter, Marcella Dodge, Lillian Donau, Anna Friedland, Ruby Herndon, Lori Jon, Sherry McCutcheon, Betty McMillen, Barbara Michaels, Judy Miller, Joan Morton, Margot Meyers,