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16a. Oh, heart's desire (Dorothy and Manners) 16b. Storm Scene 2 16c. In days of old (Sir George and Company) Act III —The Return 17. Our heads we bow (Puritans and Chorus) 18. Queen of the Garden (Lady Vernon and Chorus) 19. Alone, alone... Bride of my youth (Lady Vernon and Sir George) 20. In frill and feather (Dorcas, Rupert, and Chorus) 21. Good General Monk (Oswald, Rupert, and Puritans) 21a. We have thought the matter out (Dorcas, Rupert, Puritans, and Chorus) 22. Hech mon! Hech mon! (McCrankie and Chorus) 22a. Scotch Dance 23. Hark! The cannon! (Company) CAST Royalists John Manners (tenor) Sir George Vernon (baritone) Oswald (tenor) Roundhead Rupert Vernon (baritone) Puritans The McCrankie (bass-baritone) Sing-Song Simeon (bass) Kill-Joy Candleman (non-singing) Nicodemus Knock-Knee (bass) Barnabas Bellows-to-Mend (bass) Major Domo (baritone) Dorothy Vernon (soprano) Lady Vernon (contralto) Dorcas (mezzo-soprano) Nance (mezzo-soprano) Gertrude (mezzo-soprano) Deborah (soprano) ARTHUR SULLIVAN • Haddon Hall . The recording also includes ERNEST FORD • Mr Jericho & FRANCOIS CELLIER • Captain Billy [SACD Hybrid Multi-channel]