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THE HAPPY TIME A musical in 2 Acts and 15 scenes: music by John Kander, lyrics by Fred Ebb, book by N. Richard Nash loosely based on a 1950 hit Broadway play, The Happy Time by Samuel A. Taylor, which was in turn based on stories by Robert Fontaine. Broadway Theatre, New York - Opened 18th January, 1968. Closed 28 September, 1968 (286 performances) SYNOPSIS Jacques Bonnard is a prize-winning photographer who travels the world. He returns to his 1920s French-Canadian village, after five years away, seeking the happy time of his childhood. His cantankerous but loveable father (Grandpere), two brothers and their wives, and their children all welcome him. His stories of his travels have a profound effect on his nephew Bibi, who is having trouble at school and going through an especially rough puberty, inspiring the boy to want to live life to the fullest. Jacques goes to a nightclub and takes Grandpere and Bibi, where they are entertained by the dancers (Six Angels) ("Catch My Garter"). After their night on the town, Bibi begs Jacques to "Please Stay". When Bibi takes Grandpere's "naughty" pictures to school and is discovered, his stern father Philippe forces him to apologize to his school-mates. Bibi is embarrassed and upset and tries to cajole Jacques into taking him away when he leaves. Although Jacques at first agrees, thinking that Bibi will be a companion, he quickly realizes that this would not be good for Bibi. Meanwhile, Jacques finds it difficult to commit to his former sweetheart Laurie ("I Don't Remember You"). The couple finally realize that they have opposite ideas about life and the future ("Seeing Things"), with Laurie understanding that Jacques is emotionally a boy, like her students. Grandpere, Jacques and Bibi playfully sing an ode to "A Certain Girl". Jacques finally realizes that he returned home searching for family and love ("Being Alive"), and understands that he must set out alone again. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. The Happy Time – Jacques Bonnard and Family 2. Jeanne-Marie - Jacques and Family (Revised 2002 Niagara University Production) 3. He's Back – Family 4. Catch My Garter – Six Angels 5. Tomorrow Morning – Jacques, Grandpere, Bibi, and Six Angels 6. Please Stay – Bibi and Jacques 7. I Don't Remember You – Jacques 8. St. Pierre – Glee Club, Laurie Mannon, and Jacques 9. I Don't Remember You (Reprise) – Laurie and Jacques 10. Without Me – Bibi and Schoolmates 11. In His Own Good Time - Suzanne and Phillipe (Revised 2002 Niagara University Production) 12. The Happy Time (Reprise) – Jacques 13. Among My Yesterdays – Jacques 14. Please Stay (Reprise) - Laurie (Revised 2002 Niagara University Production) 15. The Life of the Party – Grandpere , Six Angels, and Schoolboys 16. I'm Sorry - Bibi (Revised 2002 Niagara UniversityProduction) 17. Seeing Things – Jacques and Laurie 18. A Certain Girl – Grandpere, Jacques, and Bibi 19. Running - Jacques (Revised 2002 Niagara University Production) 20. St. Pierre - Bibi, Laurie, and Glee Club 21. The Happy Time (Reprise) – Jacque