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THE HAPPY DAY a musical play in 2 acts by Seymour Hicks. Lyrics by Adrian Ross and Paul A. Rubens. Music by Sidney Jones and Paul A. Rubens Daly's Theatre, London. 13 May, 1916 (241 perfs) A George Edwards production. Directed by Robert Evett. CAST CHARLES, PRINCE OF GALANIA SIR DENNIS O'HAGAN (his A.D.C.) EARL OF ANGLEMERE (the Princess's Equerry) GENERAL COUNT IVAN TOBOLSK (the Inspector-General) M. DRINKAVINK (th3 Director of the Casino) M. OPPINOFF (the Chancellor of the Exchequer) M. LIMITSKI (the Public Trustee) WALTER (of London) THE CAPTAIN MARY, PRINCESS OF VALARIA THE COUNTESS TOBOLSK (Mistress of the Robes) THE LADY DIANA BROOKE (a Maid of Honour) LUNA L'ETOILE MA PETITE (of the Opera House) CAMILLE JOYEUSE (a Queen of Bohemia) Ladies of the Bedchamber, Courtiers, Soldiers, Peasants, Dancers, Guests, Servants, &c. MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT I. INTRODUCTION .. .. .. .. . (The Clock upon the palace tow'r) SONG (Diana) .. .. .. " The Happy Day ".. .. (Wake, wake, for the sun is high) CONCERTED NUMBER (Girls) .. " The Trousseau " .. .. (Her Highness's Trousseau) MARCH AND SOLO (Anglemere) ('Tis to-day I leave you for ever) CHORUS .. . (Assemble here to greet the bridegroom) DUET (Diana and Denis) .. " England " .. .. .. (Come back again to the isle of the sea) TRIO (Oppinoff, Limitsky, and Drinkavink) .. .. .. " Hang together " .. .. (We are in for dirty weather) SONG (Anglemere) .. .. " Truant Love " .. .. (Cupid's terribly interfering) CHORUS OF PEASANTS AND DANCE " Little Mother " .. .. (Little Mother of our land) SONG (Mary) " As poor as that " .. .. (When you've always had lots of money) SONG (Anglemere) .. .. Yours to the end " .. (Nothing I ask you now to give) FINALE (Mary and Anglemere) .. " Free " .. .. (Come away, and leave them all behind you) ACT II. OPENING CHORUS (It is jolly when you're dancing) SONG (Camille) AND CHORUS .. " Bohemia " .. .. .. (Come away to the land of joy) SONG (Ma Petite) AND CHORUS.. " Marching with the Band " (What is that music I hear in the street ?) CHORUS OF GENDARMES AND DANCE. . .. . (We've come here by the orders) SONG (Mary) .. .. " I Dream, I Dream of you " (Shall I ever discover ?) DUET (Mary and Camille) " Queen of Joy " .. .. (Oh, I know why you're here) DUET (Ma Petite and Walter) " Peter Piper " .. . . (Mr. Peter Piper was a pocket sniper)