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The women learn that the Persian courtesan Rhodope is coming with her girls to comfort the men. They capture and imprison the entourage, and Lysistrata disguises herself as Rhodope and sets forth to make a fool of Kinesias. Pluto, meanwhile, continues to make trouble; his advice to the women is "never trust a virgin." Lysistrata finds Kinesias and lures him into asking her to live with him; as an honest courtesan, though, she tells him she could never be honestly his. Kinesias suddenly recognises his wife, but before they can be reconciled, the Chief of State arrives with the summons to another war. But the Spartan women have used the same stratagem as the Athenian girls, and the Spartan men ask for a lasting peace. The Athenians agree, and husbands and wives are reunited, Diana returns happily to Olympus, and only Pluto is disconcerted. ORIGINAL CAST (in order of appearance): First Courier: Alton Ruff. Second Courier: Ronald B. Stratton. First Minister: TED THURSTON. Second Minister: DON CRABTREE. Third Minister: RICHARD WINTER. Chief of State: CYRIL RITCHARD. A Herald: Don Atkinson. General Kinesias: BRUCE YARNELL. Phoebe: Rita Metzger. Lysistrata: DRAN SEITZ. Captain Crito: JOHN NAPIER. Jupiter: MICHAEL KERMOYAN. Juno: LU LEONARD. Bacchus: TED THURSTON. Mercury: Don Atkinson. Apollo: JOHN NAPIER. Neptune: RICHARD WINTER. Aphrodite: JOY CLAUSSEN. Pluto: CYRIL RITCHARD. Diana: JANICE RULE. Amaryllis: JOY CLAUSSEN. Myrrhina: LU LEONARD. A Heckler: CYRIL RITCHARD. Daphne: Norma Donaldson. Hector: David Canary. Ataraxohymonides: John Wheeler. Ulysses: RICHARD WINTER. Sergeant: DON CRABTREE. A Gay Blade: CYRIL RITCHARD. A Wine Smuggler: CYRIL RITCHARD. Sentinel: Nancy Windsor. The Pied Piper of Hamelin: CYRIL RITCHARD. Theodora: Lainie Kazan. Spartan Woman: Maura K. Wedge. A Playwright: CYRIL RITCHARD. Rhodope: Janice Painchaud. An Ambassador: CYRIL RITCHARD. Singers: Ellen Berse, Joy Claussen, Norma Donaldson, Lainie Kazan, Leonora Lanzillotti, Rita Metzger, Elaine Spaulding, Maura K. Wedge, Nancy Windsor, David Canary, Jeff Killian, Paul Merrill, Theodore Morill, Arthur Tookoyan, Mark Tully, John Wheeler, Richard Winter. Dancers: Bonnie Brandon, Candace Caldwell, Natasha Grishin, Judith Haskell, Lisa James, Gloria Kaye, Susan May, Carmen Morales, Janice Painchaud, Bill Atkinson, Don Atkinson, Grant Delaney, Victor Duntiere, Louis Kosman, Alton Ruff, Kenneth Scott, Ron Sequoio, Ronald B. Stratton. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I 1. The Olympics (ballet) - (Dance Ensemble) 2. Cheers for the Hero - Ensemble 3. The Glory That Is Greece - Chief of State, Kinesias, Ensemble 4. The Happiest Girl in the World - Lysistrita, Kinesias 5. The Greek Marine - Chief of State, First Minister, Second Minister, Third Minister, Soldiers 6. Shall We Say Farewell - Lysistrita