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12. Breadline Dance 13. Bums (Ensemble) 14. Another Day - Harvey, Clem, Mary, Georgina 15. I Wanted to Change Him - Georgina 16. Being Good Isn’t Good Enough - Georgina ACT2 Scene I 17. Dance Drill (Clem’s Drill) Tip, Tap, G.I.s 18. Talking to Yourself ’ - Georgina, Clem, Harvey 19. Limbo Dance Night Club Patrons - (Ensemble) Scene 2 20. Hallelujah, Baby! - Georgina, Tip, Tap 21. Not Mine - Harvey SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in this country from the turn of the century until now. ACT I Scene 1: 1900s. The kitchen. Scene 2: 1920s. A cabaret. Scene 3: 1930s. The bread line. ACT 2 Scene 1: 1940s. An Army camp, outside a night club. Scene 2: 1950s. A night club. Scene 3: 1960s. An apartment. DISCOGRAPHY Original Broadway Cast starring Leslie Uggams, Robert Hooks & Allen Case - Sony Broadway SK 48218