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Georgina quits the show when the integrated company is not permitted to play before integrated audiences. After an incident in which Harvey attempts to join Clem and Georgina in the back of a bus, Georgina decides that fighting for one's principles doesn't always pay off. She'll have to find a different route to her dreams. It's the '50s, and Georgina has finally broken through, singing and dancing out her jubilation on the mirrored stage of a chic supper club. Clem, now a civil rights activist, is unhappy with Georgina's new acceptance values and tells her to get out of your little room and connect. Meanwhile, club manager Harvey proposes to Georgina, aware that, in spite of her estrangement from Clem, she may always be Clem's lady. Momma tells Clem and Harvey that no one is more surprised by Georgina's success than her Momma. At a party where Georgina is the sole non-white, Momma arrives to deliver Georgina's evening bag. Georgina's friend mistakes Momma for Georgina's maid, and Georgina breaks down. She realises she has been driving tight and tiny for myself, and resolves to sing for everyone's supper - not just my own. As the '60s arrive, Georgina and Momma are about to move into a posh New York apartment that Harvey has arranged for them. Clem, who wants no more of smugly tolerant white society, convinces Georgina that this is still not the right place for them. Clem and Georgina move on together. At least they will have each other until things change and the weather's better. Ken Mandelbaum CAST (in order of appearance) Georgina Momma Clem Provers (4) Harvey Captain Yankee Calhoun Mary Mister Charles Mrs. Charles Tip and Tap Cuties (3) Prince Princess Sugar Daddy Bouncer Mistress Master Director Ethel Official Brenda Timmy G.l.s (4) Bus Driver Dorothy Maid Ensemble MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Introduction 2. Prologue - Georgina Scene l 3. Back in the Kitchen - Momma 4. My Own Morning - Georgina 5. The Slice - Clem, Provers, Tap 6. Farewell, Farewell - Calhoun, Captain Yankee, Georgina, Harvey Scene 2 7. Feet Do Yo’ Stuff - Georgina, Chorines, Tip, Tap 8. You Ain’t Gonna Shake Them Feathers No More - Clem 9. Watch My Dust - Clem 10. Smile, Smile - Clem, Georgina, Momma Scene 3 11. Witches’ Brew (Double, Double) - Georgina, Mary, Dorothy, Company