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to help the great unproduced to finally make it to the stage. Now Chitterlow has made a hit. There will be money, oodles of it for them all. But Artie Kipps and his missis have been there before. The money may come or it may not; they are happy in their way of life and that's the way they will stay. As their friends go out to celebrate Chitterlow's good fortune, the Kipps family stay happily by their Christmas fire. CASTING: - 23 parts, 13 principals. (Total cast, 34-46.) Arthur Kipps, winning actor who can sing, dance, and play the banjo (latter can be faked). * Sid, Buggins, and Pearce, Kipps's singing and dancing buddies. * Ann, Kipps's true love, legit voice. * Helen, Kipps's other love, straight role, minor singing. * Flo Bates Mr Shalford Mrs Walsingham Chitterlow Young Walsingham Victoria Kate Emma Mrs Boating Laura, Gwendolin Lady Student Carshott Chester Coote Photographer Mr Wilkins, * Major Singing Roles: Others are straight roles with minor singing and dancing. Large singing and dancing chorus. Almost everyone dances at least a little. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I Economy - Kipps and apprentices Half a Sixpence - Kipps and Ann Money To Burn - Kipps and men's chorus I Don't Believe A Word Of It - Ann and Shopgirls A Proper Gentleman - Kipps and chorus She's Too Far Above Me - Kipps If The Rain's Got To Fall - Kipps and Chorus The Old Military Canal - Chorus Act I Finale Act II The One Who's Run Away - Kipps and Chitterlow Long Ago - Ann and Kipps Flash, Bang, Wallop! - Kipps and ensemble I Know What I Am - Ann The Party's On The House - Kipps and Ensemble Half a Sixpence - Reprise - Kipps and Ann Finale SCENES AND SETTINGS 2 acts, 18 scenes, 9 full stage sets (including 3 drops), 4 scene drops. The original production used 1 large turntable. ACT I Scene 1: The Emporium. Scene 2: The Promenade. Scene 3: The Emporium. Scene 4: "Hope and Anchor" Bar. Scene 5: The Street. Scene 6: The Classroom. Scene 7: The Emporium. Scene 8: The Promenade. Scene 9: The Old Lighthouse. Scene 10: Military Canal Regatta. ACT II Scene 1: Mrs. Botting's Solarium. Scene 2: Kitchen. Scene 3: Photographer's Studio. Scene 4: Parlor of Rented House. Scene 5: The Pier. Scene 6: The Building Site. Scene 7: The Promenade. Scene 8: The Bookshop.