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23. CINDERELLA, DARLING … (Smitty & Girls) 24. I HAVE RETURNED 25. HAPPY To KEEP HIS DINNER WARM… (Rosemary) 25a. KNITORAMA 26. LOVE FROM A HEART OF GOLD … (Biggley, Hedy) 26a. THE LUNCH DATE 27. I BELIEVE IN YOU … (Finch and male chorus) 28. T. V. ANNOUNCEMENT 29. THE YO-HO-HO 30. HEDY'S FANFARE 30a. - THE FIRST CLUE 30b. - DISASTER 31. I BELIEVE IN YOU (Rosemary) 32. DOOM 33. BROTHERHOOD OF MAN … (Finch, Womper, Biggley, Miss Jones, and Male Chorus) 34. MORE DOOM 34a. HALLELUJAH … (Girls) 35. FINALE … (Company) 36. BOWS 37. EXIT Music PRINCIPALS: - 18 Male, 8 Female. • FINCH - Our hero. A young man whose meteoric progress from window cleaner to company chairman owes little to his qualifications and much to his wits, single-mindedness and the aid of a good instruction manual. • ROSEMARY - Our heroine. A pretty young secretary of above-average qualifications, in danger of being wasted when she sets her career sights on being Mrs Finch. • J.B. BIGGLEY - The boss; President of the World Wide Wicket Company. A ruthless, consequently successful, businessman, though still a college lad at heart. • BUD FRUMP - The villain; the boss's nephew. An obnoxious young man who can't make it to the top in spite of his devious machinations and family connections. • HEDY LA RUE - The femme fatale. Ex-night-club cigarette girl, would-be secretary under the boss's protection. • MISS SMITH (SMITTY) - A big-hearted, if cynical, working girl. A good secretary and likely to remain just that. • MISS JONES - J.B. Biggley's secretary, who enjoys the respect her position and mature years command. • BRATT - The Personnel Manager, adept in the main skill required for holding his job - agreeing with the boss. • MR TWIMBLE - An example of how not to succeed; a loyal company man with 25 years' service spent climbing from mail-room worker to head of the mail-room. • GATCH - An almost-successful executive with a fatal penchant for the ladies. • MR WOMPER - A highly successful man with a small stature but the biggest job - Chairman. • THE BOOK VOICE - Our hero's unseen mentor. Executives, Secretaries, TV Announcer, Company Policemen,Scrubwomen, Singers And Dancers Scenes and Settings: The entire action takes place in the new Park Avenue office building of World Wide Wicket Company, Inc. ORCHESTRATION • Reed 1: Piccolo, Flute, Alto Sax, Clarinet