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Act II Rosemary, now Finch's secretary but playing second fiddle to his career ambitions, is on the point of resigning but is persuaded by her friend SMITTY and the rest of the girls to reconsider. The object of her affections faces a critical deadline to come up with a revolutionary advertising plan (1 BELIEVE IN YOU) and is deluded by Frump into proposing a TV treasure hunt. Confident this idea will receive a scornful reception, Frump looks forward to Finch's downfall, but J.13. seizes on it to solve his own problem - keeping Hedy U Rue happy - and Finch survives. When Hedy drops a clanger on the live TV programme by revealing where the treasure is hidden, Finch again seems destined for the chop but appeals to his betters' finer instincts (THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN). Fate sticks by him in the shape of MR. WOMPER, the Chairman of the Board; having also started his career washing windows, he takes an immediate fancy to our hero and, coincidentally, to Hedy La Rue, thus solving both their career problems. As for Frump, he inherits the window washing business, and the book. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT ONE 1. OVERTURE 1a OPENING — ACT ONE 2. HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING … (Finch) 3. HAPPY TO KEEP HIS DINNER WARM… (Rosemary & Smitty) 3a. GOOD MORNING (Entrance of Secretaries) 4. COFFEE BREAK … (Frump, Smitty & Chorus) 4a. FRUMP ON THE PHONE 5. DUET "THE COMPANY WAY" … (Twimble & Finch) 6. THE COMPANY WAY (Reprise) … (Frump & Chorus) 7. ROSEMARY'S PHILOSOPHY 8. HEDY 9. A SECRETARY IS NOT A TOY … (Bratt, Jenkins, Frump, Boys and Girls) 9a. THE EXECUTIVES' EXIT 10. BEEN A LONG DAY … (Smitty, Rosemary, Finch & Chorus) 11. BEEN A LONG DAY (Reprise) … (Frump, Biggley, Hedy) 11a. SATURDAY MORNING 12. GRAND OLD IVY … (Biggley, Finch) 13. GRAND OLD IVY (Reprise) 13a. VASSAR 14. HEDY'S WALK 14a. ONWARD AND UPWARD 14b. GIRLSVILLE 15. PARIS ORIGINAL … (Rosemary, Girls, Smitty) 16. THE COMPANY WAY (A la Dance Band) 16a. THE EXECUTIVE LANDING 17. ELEVATOR DANCE 18. 17a. ETHEREAL GRANDEUR 19. ROSEMARY … (Finch, Rosemary) 20. RIP THE CHIPMUNK … (Biggley & Finch) 21. FINALE — ACT ONE … (Rosemary, Finch, Frump) ACT TWO ENTR'ACTE 22. OPENING — ACT TWO