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HOW NOW, DOW JONES Music by Elmer Bernstein; Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh; Book by Max Shulman (Originally entitled and score published as How Do I Do, I Love You) Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, Broadway - 7 December, 1967 (220 perfs) STORY: New York Stock Exchange tour guide Cynthia Pike has just explained the complicated world of high finance and joins friend Kate Montgomery (the voice of Dow Jones). Kate complains that her fiancé, Herbert, won't marry her until the Dow Jones Industrial Average tops 1,000. When Cynthia leaves, Kate is joined by champion loser Charlie Mason who states he intends to commit suicide after he has drunk his lunch. They exchange their tales of woe and decide to have night out together. This, what turns out to be, a night-long affair restores some hope but Kate rejects Charlie for a future of security instead of dreams. Meanwhile, the owner of a brokerage firm, William Foster Wingate, plans to sell more stock and hires Charlie to give his firm the "little-man" image. Charlie hits it off with the rich widow set and hits the big-time at last. When the girls meet again, Cynthia confides that she has agreed to be Wingate's mistress. She is a little upset, however, because it would seem he has forgotten about her. Kate explains her new problem - she has fallen in love with Charlie, is engaged to Herbert and yet finds she is expecting a baby - and the father is Charlie. When Kate learns that Charlie has proposed to his childhood sweetheart, her current state of impending motherhood causes a panic. As "The Voice of Dow Jones" she announces that the Dow average has topped 1,000. Wingate realises that Kate's report is untrue but wonders why. Herbert and Cynthia provide the answer but the hoax is publicly discovered and the bottom then falls out of the market. The truth is seized on happily by Charlie as he thought Kate loved Herbert. He finds Kate, and together with Cynthia, they persuade "A.K.", Wall Street's shrewdest and most closely watched player, to buy. The market fall is reversed and the future once again becomes bright - especially for Charlie and Kate. CAST Total cast 35 - 50 Cynthia Pike, a tour guide for the New York Stock Exchange, Kate’s friend Herbert Magruder, a Wall Street analyst for Wingate Broker Kate Montgomery, “the voice of Dow Jones”, Herbert’s fiancée William Foster Wingate, a Wall Street tycoon Nichols, his assistant Judy Evans, a reporter Wally, a friend of Herbert Dr. Gilman Charley Matson, a chronic failure Senator McFetridge Sue Ellen Bradbury, Charley’s childhood sweetheart Mr. Bradbury, her father, the richest man in Elmira, New York Miss MacKenzie, Wingate’s secretary Wingate’s Henchmen Dow Jones Chorus required for chorale and other numbers