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ORIGINAL CAST (in order of appearance): Tulip: DOLORES HARPER Gladiola: ADA MOORE Pansy: ENID MOSIER Do: Winston George Henriques Don't: Solomon Earl Green Mother: Miriam Burton Ottilie, alias Violet: DIAHANN CARROLL Madame Fleur: PEARL BAILEY Captain Jonas: RAY WALSTON Madame Tango: JUANITA HALL Mamselle Ibo-Lele: Pearl Reynolds The Sisters Meringue: Leu Comacho, Margot Small Mamselle Honolulu: Mary Mon Toy Mamselle Cigarette: Glory Van Scott Royal: RAWN SPEARMAN The Champion: GEOFFREY HOLDER Chief of Police: Don Redman Carmen: Carmen De Lavallade Alvin: Alvin Ailey Monsieur Jamison: Dino DiLuca The Houngan: FREDERICK O'NEAL Baron of the Cemetary: GEOFFREY HOLDER Duchess of the Sea: Miriam Burton. Steel Band: Michel Alexander, Roderick Clavery, Alphonso Marshall. Townspeople: Joseph Comadore, Hubert Dilworth, Phillip Hepburn, Louis Johnson, Mary Louise, Audrey Mason, Arthur Mitchell, Walter Nicks, Albert Popwell, Sabu, Herbert Stubbs. SCENES & SETTINGS The action takes place on an island in the West Indies during Mardi Gras weekend. Act 1 Scene 1: Maison Des Fleurs. Scene 2: On the way to the Cockfight. Scene 3: At the Cockfight. Scene 4: Maison Des Fleurs. Scene 5: The Houngan's Hut. Scene 6: The harbour of the town. Act 2 Scene 1: Maison Des Fleurs. Scene 2: Madame Fleur's Salon. Scene 3: The Houngan's Hut. Scene 4: Madame Tango's Salon. Scene 5: Madame Fleur's Salon. Scene 6: Maison Des Fleurs. Scene 7: Finale. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Waitin' - Pansy, Tulip, Gladiola 2. One Man Ain't Quite Enough - Madame Fleur 3. Madame Tango's Tango - Madame Tango, Tango Belles 4. A Sleepin' Bee - Ottilie , Pansy, Tulip, Gladiola 5. Bamboo Cage - The Champion, The Steel Band, Do, Don't, Pansy, Tulip, Gladiola, Madame Tango, Chief of Police, Ensemble 6. House of Flowers - Royal, Ottilie 7. Two Ladies in de Shade of de Banana Tree - Pansy, Gladiola, Tulip, Dancer 8. What Is a Friend For? - Madame Fleur 9. A Sleepin' Bee (reprise) - Ottilie , Royal 10. Mardi Gras - Duchess of the Sea, Ensemble & Dancers 11. I Never has Seen Snow - Ottilie 12. Husband Cage - Pansy, Tulip, Gladiola, Ensemble 13. I'm Gonna Leave Off Wearing My Shoes - Ottilie , Ensemble 14. Has I Let You Down? - Madame Fleur, Pansy, Tulip, Gladiola 15. Voudou - The Houngan, Ensemble, Drummers 16. Slide, Boy, Slide - Madame Tango, Ensemble, Dancers 17. Don't Like Goodbyes - Madame Fleur 18. Turtle Song - Royal, Ottilie , Ensemble 19. Finale: Bamboo Cage/Banana Tree - Entire Compan