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16. Serenade and Chorus (Ongree was a London jongdarm) - Paul 17. Finale (Now 'tis still) Act 3 18. Opening Chorus (Whatever is about to happen now) 19. The Boolyvar de Paree (Song)(When I and brother Harry) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Lebeau 20. Ensemble (How can it be?) 21. I Should Like to Know (Song)(In youthful days) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Flora 22. Chorus and Dance (Here at the break of day) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) 23. Song (Heed not the tear) - Flora 24. Finale (Now out little play is done) Quartet (Addenda) (We started quite badly) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Cecile, Marcelle, Dremer, Joseph American Interpolations • I Happened to Be There (Music by Eddie Foy. Lyrics by William M. Dunlevy.) - Lebeau • My Own Cecile (Music and Lyrics by H. Fragson and Ad. Stanislas.) - Paul • It's Not the Weather Cock That Changes, It's the Wind (Act 2) (Music and Lyrics by Aubrey Boucicault.) - Paul, Cecile • The Gingerbread Doll (Act 3) (Music and Lyrics by Aubrey Boucicault.) - Flora • Dreaming of Mother and Home (tour) (Music by John S. Ross. Lyrics by Arthur J. Lamb.) - Marietta • Hello, Ma Baby (tour) (Music and Lyrics by Joseph E. Howard and Ida Emerson.) CAST • Paul, art student, friend of Louis • Lebeau, a clown • La Force, a strong man • Dremer, father of Cecile • Louis, nephew to Moulinet • Comte Zarifouli • Moulinet, who likes peace and tranquility • Joseph, servant to Dremer • Latour, Gracieux, acrobats • Mme. Moulinet, wife to Moulnet • Cecile, daughter of Dremer • Mariette, servant to Moulinet • Marcelle, companion of Cecile • Mme. Malicorne, landlady of the White House Inn • Members of the Circus - Estelle, Rose, Jennie • Flora, proprietress of Cluny's Colossal Combination Acrobats, French Peasants, Fruit Sellers, Villagers, etc. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1: The White Horse Inn, Bourg-Fleury. Act 2: Interior of Moulinet's House. Act 3: The same, later on.