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HOTEL TOPSY TURVEY A Parisian Vaudeville Operetta (Musical Comedy) in 3 Acts. French libretto (to the vaudeville operette L'Auberge du Tohu-Bohu) by Maurice Ordonneau. American adapation by Arthur Sturgess and Edgar Smith. (English adaptation by Emil Schwab and Adolph Neuendroff) Music by Victor Roger; additional music by Lionel Monckton. Herald Square Theatre, New York - 3rd October - 24th December, 1898 (102 perfs) Duke of York's, London (?) - 1898 (2 months) as Topsy Turvy Hotel SYNOPSSIS A young man, Louis, is heartbroken because the woman that he loves is to be married off by her father to a pompous count. It doesn’t matter to the father that neither he nor his daughter has ever met the count. The father and the count arrange to finalise the wedding plans at the White House Inn. In the meantime, Louis encounters Cluny’s Colossal Combination, an impoverished troupe of acrobats that has stopped off in town. Louis takes a liking to Mme. Flora, the manager of the troupe, and takes pity on her and her acrobats. He figures out a way that he can help her. His aunt and uncle are out of town and, while their home is unoccupied, he can let the troupe stay there. Mme. Flora is grateful and proposes that she help Louis with his own problems. She has two of her men take down the inn’s sign and put it up across the street at his aunt and uncle’s home. Her plan is to have a clown acrobat masquerade as the count and act so terribly that the father will cancel his plans for the wedding. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act 1 1. Opening Chorus (Alas! alas! Alas! When will our misfortunes pass?) 2. Song (Sigh not if fate should frown) - Flora 3. Song (Oh, what is the use of this life) - (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Paul 4. Chorus of Villagers (Hark! the drum again is restive) 5. Walk up, walk up (Song) (This is the finest show on earth) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Flora 6. The Shifting of the Sign (Quintet) (Silently, creeping, While they are sleeping) - Flora, Paul, Louis, Lebeau, La Force 7. Finale (Welcome! This hostelry is noted) 8. Valse-Song (Tip-toe! Now go) - Flora, Cecile, Paul, etc. Act 2 9. Opening Chorus (Welcome! this hostelry is noted) 10. A little overdoing it (Song) (All the world's a stage) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Louis 11. Duet (How peaceful is this domesticity) - Moulinet, Mme Moulinet 12. Toujours (Song) (If a man would married be) (Air Les Blondes) (Music by H. Fragson and A. Stanislaus.) - Cecile 13. How to kiss (Duet) (Should you chance to meet a charming little miss) (Music by N. Lambelet. Lyrics by Roland Carse.) - Cecile, Paul 14. Quartet (When a dinner you cook) (Music by Lionel Monckton.) - Louis, Paul, Cecile, Marcelle 15. Chorus (We bow our heads)/ Song (Note my most distiguished bearing) - Lebeau