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AYLA (teens) The youngest on the island, Ayla is sweet, innocent and longing to learn more about life. Because she doesn't judge, Ayla truly loves Katherine, and acts as her confidante, and helper. She is adventurous, with a strong spirit, and an aching to be noticed by the adults around her. FRIEDA (40's) The island gossip monger. Always excited to spread the latest juicy detail to her fellow islanders. Friendly, bubbly and full of life, Frieda doesn't follow the herd, and chooses to live in her own reality. REGAN (teens) The prettiest girl on the island. She is in her early teens, and practically floats around the island like a royalty. She is your typical pretty teen, obsessed with her looks, and once the men arrive, she is obsessed with them. LUCRECIA (teens) Terribly shy, Lucrecia feels like a freak in her own body. As she grows into a woman, she becomes increasingly uncomfortable in the body she has been given, when all she really wants to do is blend into the woodwork. She is incredibly sweet, and loving, just too shy for her own good. MALE ROLES ROY (30's) Confident, elegant, all business, but charming when he needs to be. A born salesman, Roy can convince anyone to buy whatever he's selling, so he is perfect for the job of convincing the people of Hope to build a bridge to connect them to the new world. SAMISON (40's) The island minister who lost his son in the war and has turned his back on God and his faith. As the one remaining man on the island, he feels he must show strength and try to lead the women around him. He is angry, broken, desperately sad, and incredibly dangerous. CHARLIE (late 20's) A hypochondriac engineer who quietly sits in the background and does what he is told. Charlie plays by the rule books, and is a hard worker, and becomes torn between sense of duty and his heart, when he starts to fall in love. But as he grows more in love each day, he also discovers something else he never knew he had - courage. BEECHER (late 20's) Katherine's husband. A God-loving, kind, generous man who would give his life for Katherine. Even in bad times, he always has the mind set to thank God for all his many blessings, mainly Katherine. And when things go wrong, his faith keeps him strong, and he knows one day God's plan will be realized. A good, decent, soft spoken man. LUCIEN (30's) A crude, rugged man whose rustic good looks are diminished by his brutish demeanour. Thrilled to land on an island filled with women, Lucian quickly forgets what they are doing on the island, and uses every opportunity to conquer the women around him. MASON (20's) The island idiot. Left behind because he was too weak and sickly to fight in the war, Mason stumbles around the island trying to be useful and desperately trying to earn the love of Miranda. Impressionable to a fault, sweet, loving, attentive and always under heel, Mason just wants to be loved.