Shows H

5. History of Hope Reprise - Company 6. Crazy as a Loon/ There Will Come A Day - Marvel, Frieda and Katherine 7. His Name Is Beecher - Katherine and Roy 8. Don't Trust That Man - Gouda 9. Isn't It Funny - Samison and Devon 10. Forever and a Day - Charlie and Miranda 11. A World Of Our Own - Ayla and Katherine 12. The Flashback - Company 13. To Be Him - Roy and Katherine 14. There Will Come A Day - Katherine 15. The Grace of God Reprise - Islanders 16. If They Only Knew - Katherine 17. In My Day - Roy 18. Don't Trust That Man Reprise - Gouda 19. Sail Me There - Miranda 20. What I Intend - Mason, Gouda and Roy 21. A Thought Occurs - Samison and Gouda 22. Build Me A Bridge - Lucian, Devon and Women 23. Isn't It Funny Reprise/Chaos Ensues - Devon and Company 24. Puppets On A String - Samison and Company 25. Yet - Roy and Katherine 26. My God - Beecher 27. Finale - Company CAST FEMALE ROLES KATHERINE (mid/late 20's) A spirited and feisty young woman who is in complete denial of the harsh realities of life. Happily content to tend to her garden until her husband returns, she has a great sense of humour, is kind to those in need, but fiercely loyal to her ideals and those she loves. GOUDA (40's) Katherine & Miranda's elder sister, and wife of the minister, Samison. She has ruled her home with an iron fist, and always believed that if she followed God's plan all would be well. But after the death of her son at war, her husband has abandoned his spiritual beliefs, leaving Gouda alone with her faith. She is strong willed, stern and traditional, but inside lonely and afraid. She must cling to her faith, because that is all she has left. MIRANDA (early 20's) Gouda and Katherine's adventurous younger sister who is desperately looking for more than life on the island of Hope can offer. Filled with vim and vigour, Miranda is the high-spirited young woman who takes matters into her own hands to create her destiny. She is confident, warm, affectionate and highly motivated. MARVEL (40's) The leader of the islanders, and Ayla's mother, Marvel is a formidable woman, who sticks by tradition at all times. She is loyal to her followers, level headed and tries to rule in a just and humane manner, all the while trying to raise an impetuous daughter on her own. DEVON (mid/late 40's) The island prostitute and tavern owner. Obviously since the men are gone, Devon has no customers, which is a welcome relief to her. She is a strong fighter and can take almost anything thrown her way. After years of abuse and degradation, she is tired and is always open to the idea of change.