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HONKY TONK NIGHTS or How Billy Sampson and Company Left Hell's Kitchen for the Promised Land and What They Found There A Musical Comedy in 2 Acts. Book and lyrics by Ralph Allen and David Campbell. Music by Michael Valenti. Biltmore Theatre, Broadway - Opened 7th August, 1986; closed 9th August 1986 (4 performances - 16 previews). SYNOPSIS The decade is beginning in 1912 when black vaudeville shifted its base from Hell's Kitchen to a newly emerging Harlem. Act 1 opens in a downtown music hall as a theatrical troupe prepares to emigrate to the uptown Promised Land Saloon. The second act is in the new location but Barney joins the white show-business establishment as represented by the Ziegfeld Follies. He is forced to put on black-face make-up for his act which includes juggling and magic acts. But on stage at the Promised Land Saloon there is a game of bingo and an auction of the leading lady's costumes in order to pay a debt on their Harlem site. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. The Honky Tonk Nights Rag, or Professor Walker and His Solo Symphony - The Sampson Philharmonia 2. Honky Tonk Nights - Billy and His Company 3. Hot and Bothered - Lily 4. Roll With the Punches - Barney, Armistead, Countess Aida, Ivy, Kitty, Ruby 5. Lily of the Alley - Armistead, Winston, Montgomery, Sparks, Barney, Lily 6. Choosing a Husband's a Delicate Thing - Armistead, Barney, George 7. Little Dark Bird - Lily 8. Withered Irish Rose - Barney, Armistead, George, Montgomery, Lily 9. Tapaholics - Sparks, Ivy, Montgomery 10. Eggs - Barney, Lily 11. A Ticket to the Promised Land - The Sampson Company 12. The Promised Land - The Pyromaniacs 13. Stomp the Blues Away - The Sampson Company 14. I've Had It - Barney, Lily 15. The Sampson Beauties - Ivy, Kitty, Ruby 16. The Reform Song - Barney, George, Armistead 17. I Took My Time - Lily 18. The Brothers Vendetto - Barney, George, Armistead 19. A Man of Many Parts - Barney 20. Finale - The Sampson Company SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1: Sampson's Music Hall, on a winter evening. New York City's Hell's Kitchen, 1912. Act 2: The Promised Land Saloon, summer, 1922, Harlem. CAST (in order of appearance) Barney Walker Billy Sampson Armistead Sampson Lily Meadows George Gooseberry Ruby Bush Ivy Vine Countess Aida Kitty Stark Montgomery Boyd Winston Grey Sparks Roberts Patron: Charles Bernard Murray. Sampson Philharmonia: The orchestra