Shows H

Warts And All - Bullfrog, Ugly, Froglets, Company 17a. Warts-Off - Instrumental 17b. Post-Warts - Instrumental The Blizzard - Company SCENE V - The open countryside. Late winter Transformation - Ugly, Ida, Penny 19a. Melting Moggy - Cat SCENE VI - The duckyard. Early spring Act Two Finale: Look At Him (Reprise) - Company Curtain Calls (Bows) - Instrumental 21a. Curtain Calls: Warts And All (Reprise) - Company Instrumentation: Reed (flute, clarinet, alto sax), guitar (acoustic, electric). percussion, keyboard, bass guitar Reed (1 player) flute, clarinet, alto saxophone Guitar (1 player) acoustic, electric Percussion (1 player) drum kit, bell. bell tree, cow bell, mark tree, rivet cymbal, tam tam, temple blocks, triangle, wood block timpani, glockenspiel, vibraphone, xylophone Keyboard Bass Guitar Vocal material on hire only ORIGINAL DEMO RECORDING OF HONK!