Shows H

MUSICAL NUMBERS and Scenes Act One SCENE I - Various locations around the duckyard. Spring. A Poultry Tale - Drake, Ida, Turkey, Henrietta, Maureen, Cat, Grace The Joy of Motherhood - Ida, Maureen Different (Pre-Reprise) - Ida Hold Your Head Up High - Ida, Ugly, Fish Look At Him - Ida, Drake, Ugly, Henrietta, Turkey, Cat, Grace, Ducklings, Maureen Different - Ugly 6a. French Ting! - Instrumental 6b. Do Tell Mama - Instrumental SCENE II - The Cat's lair, inside one of the farm buildings Play With Your Food - Cat, Ugly 7a. Lost - Ugly SCENE III - The duckyard, later that evening The Elegy - Company Every Tear A Mother Cries - Ida SCENE IV - The marsh. A late summer morning 9a. Goose March - Instrumental The Wild Goose Chase - Greylag Dot, Snowy, Barnacles, Pinkfoot, Ugly, Cat Act One Finale: Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise) - Ida, Ugly Act Two SCENE I - The Old Woman's Cottage. Late Summer 11a. Entr'acte - Instrumental It Takes All Sorts - Queenie, Lowbutt Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise) - Ugly, Queenie, Lowbutt 13a. Tom Cat Sting - Instrumental Together - Cat, Queenie, Lowbutt SCENE II - The Duckyard. Late autumn The Collage - Drake, Ida. Company SCENE III - A collage, various locations. SCENE IV - A ditch on the moors. Late autumn Now I've Seen You - Ugly 16a. Pre-Warts - Instrumental