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are available but Jack manages to join a troupe of Elvis impersonators making a pilgrimage to Las Vegas. However, when the plane approaches Las Vegas, he learns that he must skydive into the city. He panics, but ultimately makes the jump, thus proving himself. Betsy, having sobered up, rethinks her decision and finally rejects Tommy after Johnny accidentally confirms the true amount of Jack's debt. Jack parahutes into Betsy's arms and they marry on the spot. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. Overture - Orchestra 2. I Love Betsy - Jack and Ensemble 3. Never Get Married - Bea and Ensemble 4. Anywhere But Here - Betsy 5. When You Say Vegas - Buddy Rocky and Ensemble 6. Out of the Sun - Tommy 7. The Invitation - Tommy 8. Forever Starts Tonight - Jack and Tommy 9. Betsy's Getting Married - Betsy, Ensemble 10. The Game - Jack, Tommy, Betsy, Ensemble 11. Come to an Agreement - Tommy 12. Do Something - Buddy Rocky, Jack and Ensemble Act II 13. Entr'acte - Orchestra 14. Hawaii/Waiting For You - Raymond, Betsy, Jack and Ensemble 15. Ev'ryday is Happy in Hawaii - Jack, Teihutu and Mahi 16. Friki-Friki - Mahi and Jack 17. You Made the Wait Worthwhile - Tommy, Betsy and Ensemble 18. A Little Luck - Tommy and Johnny 19. Isn't That Enough? - Jack 20. Airport Song - Ticket Agents 21. Higher Love - Roy Bacon and Ensemble 22. I've Been Thinking - Betsy 23. Honeymoon in Vegas/Finale - Jack, Betsy and Ensemble CAST • Bea Singer ( Jack s deceased mother who made him promise never to marry on her deathbed.) Age: 50 to 70 • Betsy Nolan ( Jack s girlfriend of 5 years. Her patience is wearing thin on the matrimony front due to Jack s inability finally to commit to marriage). - Age: 25 to 25 • Buddy Rocky ( Las Vegas nightlife entertainer. A flashy talent who packs the Milano Hotel and Casino every night with his show stopping performances). Age: 25 to 50 Honeymoon in Vegas: Vocal Selections - Vocal Line with Piano Accompaniment Original Breoadway Cast Recording