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Wang and her 'brother' is shown up as a fake. The Wang party leaves in disgust and the furious Linda upsets a champagne bucket over Sammy's head in revenge. Act II Helen has taken the dejected Ta back to her room - the night passes as a ballet; in the morning Mei Li calls on an errand and spots Ta's coat with the flower she had pinned on it. She pockets the flower and leaves quickly; Ta also is anxious to get home to pacify his father, leaving Helen disconsolate. Wang and Madam Liang lament "The Other Generation" after Wang San, his younger son, has appeared dressed for baseball and demanding a sandwich. When Ta returns, Wang and Dr. Li propose to formalise the betrothal of their children but Mei Li, having confessed to Ta that she had loved him at first sight, now believes that he loves Helen, if not Linda, and reveals the tell-tale flower. She and her father decide to leave the house for good. Sammy has decided to marry wildcat Linda and tells her so when she comes to his penthouse (Sunday). He telephones the Community Court that he will forthwith present his bride there, but when he arrives he finds that Dr. Li is there to enforce the 'picture bride' marriage contract and Sammy appears to have been 'framed', though Linda is once again convinced he has cheated her. Ta comes to Mei Li, who is staying with her father at Sammy's; they confess their love and Ta promises to find a way out of the dilemma. But it is Mei Li who discovers the clue unexpectedly when watching the Late Late Show on TV, and interrupts her lavish Chinese wedding to Sammy to "tell all", ending happily in Ta's arms, and of course with Wang's consent! CAST: - 6 men, 7 women, 1 boy, chorus CHARACTERS • WANG CHI YANG - A Chinese paterfamilias, unable to settle easily in America and very much on his dignity. • MADAM LIANG - His sister-in-law, motherly and understanding of both Wang's and the younger generation's problems, and herself making great efforts to assimilate. • WANG TA - He has difficulty in finding the right girl for him and is unsure of his ethnic identity, but finally he chooses right. • WANG SAN - His younger brother; very much an American kid, but still respectful enough to his father not to be overtly rebellious. • SAMMY FONG - A high-roller who is not above some fairly dodgy dealing, but he is genuinely fond of the Wang family and 'does the right thing' by Mei Li. • MEI LI - At first bewildered by her new life, she quickly grasps the situation and, having fallen immediately in love, survives all apparent setbacks with quiet patience. A very endearing personality. • DR. LI - Her father; formal and deferential to Wang, but always the loving father. • LINDA LOW - She loves Sammy Fong, both for his lavish lifestyle and the fights they enjoy; we never find out whether her play for Wang Ta was perhaps only to encourage Sammy. • HELEN CHAO - The girl who draws the short straw; loyal, loving and bound to be disappointed. • FRANKIE WING - A small-timer, ready enough to take part in the deception of Wang. • DR. LU FONG - Sammy's uncle • MADAM FONG - Sammy's mother