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16. FINALE ACT II: (The entire company) - "And now my friends, let's waltz" ACT 3 17. OPENING ACT III - "Won't you sip this glass of wine?" 18. SONG - AFTER THE BALL (Frank) - "Champagne is the wine the poet sings" 19. SONG - HOW CAN YOU BE SO UNGALLANT (Adele and Chorus) - "How can you be so ungallant?" 20. TRIO - THE LEGAL PROFESSION (Rosalinda, Alfred, Gabriel) - "The legal profession, their guilt expression" 21. FINALE ACT III : (Principals and Chorus) - "The comedy is ended now" 22. FIRST CURTAIN CALL - "There's never been such a wond'rous night" 23. PLAY-OUT Complete Die Fledermaus in English